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ModVerb is a reverb plugin packed with unique features. Modelled on analogue technology the plugin also sounds as good as it looks. Featuring four distinct sections (including – main reverb section, modulation section, delay section, and master section) the sounds that can be created with this processor are immense and endless. Tired of your boring old reverb sound? why not add some subtle modulation, or a a nice synced delay. Do you want your reverb to only occur within certain frequencies? Not a problem, just use the ‘Low’ and ‘High’ controls and you are all set. ModVerb bring you everything you might require for creating amazing reverbs.







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Excerpt from ModVerb website: “If you have ever been told that any analogue reverb pedal has a unique and recognizable sound, well, you have been misinformed. A combination of straight lines and sharp cuts in frequencies, and a “high-end” approach to space are what give the distinctive character of a Good Old Reverb. In fact, you can’t really imagine reverb without it.” “Now, it’s in your grasp to achieve that same kind of sound at a fraction of the cost, and in a real time application.” “ModVerb lets you enjoy the feel of an analogue reverb, even as it brings you the technical tools to unleash all of your creativity.” DETAILS: • reverb tails long and lasts through the fade out. This gives your track a sweet “space” feel. • the control pads have a higher frequency response than your typical conventional pedal. • fixed cutoff helps to avoid ‘building up’ in your mix. • you can combine your reverbs perfectly through the modulation section. • choose from 3 different reverb effects – classic, smooth, and lush. • nope, no flange. • that’s not a compression signal in the modulation section – it’s normal tonal compression that you can shape. • you can add reverbs together, or combine reverbs with other effects. • all reverbs have unique controls – from level to overall balance. • two delays – one for the delay section. • two channels – one for the master channel. • you can also apply an echo to the master signal. • master volume controls allow you to shape your reverb, and revert to dry. • you can apply the same delay to different reverbs, to create unusual effects. • 2 custom presets. FEATURES: • LFO. • detune + detune X amount. • volume/flange + volume/flange X amount. • spread + spread X amount. • control section. • master section. • modulation section. • delay section. • 1 attack and 1 decay section • pre-delay offset and pre-delay duration. • 4 distinct reverbs. • different LFOs can be assigned to different parts. • draw and drop function. • 8 different types of LFO. • can assign each type of

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*High quality, fully automated audio reverb. *The reverb can now also be tweaked in 4 different modes. Choose between different Delay/Reverberation settings. *One-band/Multi-band. *Controls including: decay, feedback, and low/high frequency. *Four independent sections that can be fully customized. *Multiple sub-bands allowing infinite virtual reverb spaces. *Use the modulation section to control the levels of the sound. *An optional delay section that can be used to create neat audio effects. *A master section. Control the output level of the processed signals. For any questions, please contact the Audiomicro Support team via e-mail ActiveX Control EIA Control Dual, exclusive stereo link for mixer Constant connection for monitor Multi-functional jacks One-push-button operation AS SP, CL SP XS XS2 PnP In-boxed EQ In-boxed Compressor In-boxed Gate In-boxed Limiter In-boxed Processor In-boxed Direct Remote In-boxed Chorus/Flange In-boxed Delay In-boxed Chorus/Phaser In-boxed Reverb In-boxed Master EQ X-RAY monitor Note: Please make sure that the microphone is placed at a fixed distance of at least 1.2 m from the microphone head, and that the actual distance is adjustable. 1/0.2 m F connectors Note: The XLR socket on the microphone must be on the bottom of the recording machine. This is optional. Specification Brand Hewlett-Packard Connectivity 1/0.2 m 3/8 In and XLR connectors Features Dual, exclusive stereo link for mixer Constant connection for monitor Multi-functional jacks One-push-button operation AS SP, CL SP XS XS2 PnP In-boxed EQ In-boxed Compressor In-boxed Gate In-box 91bb86ccfa

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The plugin is layered with four unique sections: Main Reverb, Modulation, Delay, and Master, where you can control each one independently. Control of these sections and the outputs of each of these sections is entirely analog (through a hardware Real Universal Gate)! this also means that the same controls that you know and love from your other reverb plugin also work here. (Note, though that a Windows driver upgrade is required for this functionality, and unfortunately there is no other way of implementing this.) Each section is capable of being operated independantly and any combination of modulation or delay will allow these effects to be programmed to suit your needs. The plugin also produces much more complex patterns of modulation than standard reverb plugins allow. The Delay section modulates and delays the reverb (or whatever sound you choose to trigger the modulator) based on the input of the modulator. So if the modulator is fed the result of the modulator multiplied by the level of the input, the output of the delay section will change as the input to the modulator changes. This can be used to create amazing types of reverb that sound like layers of pulses to the ears. The Master section is a very different beast. This section adds the level of the modulator (or the delay if in modulation mode) multiplied by the output of the modulator. This allows you to have a mono delay just by compressing and expanding the output of the modulator, or have a very complex mix of delay and modulation. Download for all your Logic users: Download for all your Digital Performer users: Features – There are 16 presets with 24 knobs to allow immediate use of the plugin. – Each section can be used standalone or as a core with the other sections. The modulator can be used as the modulator with the delay as the delay or of course, you can use the delay in a modulation loop. – The master section can be used to have more control over the sound, or as a set of on/off switches. – The master section can be modulated with an external oscillator and then triggered with your reverb. – Delay is modulated by the input signal and then a separate delay is used for each multiple of the input. So if the input is 10hz it will delay the sound 10

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Analogue modelling Available as both a plug-in and stand-alone application Intuitive interface Destructive, reverb, reverberation Embedded effects Control of all effects levels Advanced controls Powerful settings Multitimbral processing LFO control Dry & wet controls Four sections Foot-switchable input Dynamics section Modulation section Delay section Master section Highpass filter Lowpass filter Room mode Equalisation Single band eq Chorus section Delay section Delay time Mono/Stereo mode Dry signal Partials Dry and wet signals Footswitchable master signal LFO controls Saturation control Levels Damping controls Designed to amplify even the finest nuances of a vocal, The Jesko Dolby Vocal Collection offers 5 instruments to add depth to your vocals. A sample library that will effortlessly envelop your vocals and lend them a subtle harmonic presence. The Jesko Dolby Vocal Collection is a perfect accompaniment to Jesko’s award winning Vocal Artist and Songwriter products. Whether you are looking to add some depth to your vocals, or you’re looking for a soft harmonic source to harmonize with your vocal, this is a must-have library. Sampled at 24 bit/44.1kHz with a songwriting sample rate of 0.016 seconds at 44.1kHz. Powerful and easy to use interface. Each of the 5 reverbs in the collection were recorded in a 5 x 4 room at various positions, with a variety of window sizes and cabs. It is recommended that the check format and sample rate is set to zero before importing your project. All samples are organised into “compacts” which are then organised into rooms. The Kensington Ukulele dUplex gives you more tones in your band. Two true pentatonic scales to expand your potential tones. Designed to enhance your playing and give you more possible tone combinations. The dUplex is the universal new driver for the ukulele. The dUplex consists of the plus ukulele and the minus ukulele. Both can be played together as one instrument or used individually. The plus ukulele contains five fully voiced tones: two pentatonic ukulele tones, a whistle tone, and a lead.

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The Witcher 2 takes full advantage of modern hardware, but some older systems might struggle with this title. Minimum: OS: Windows Vista 64-bit (Service Pack 1) or newer CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or better RAM: 2 GB Hard Drive: 2 GB Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or better Recommended: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad or better RAM: 3 GB Hard Drive: 3 GB

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