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* _Photoshop_ * _Adobe Photoshop tutorial sites_ ## Tracing to Create an Outline A _tracing_ technique is an easy way to make an outline in Photoshop. Here’s how: 1. **Open any photo that you like in Photoshop.** If your image doesn’t have an RGB color space, it can be converted to the CMYK color space. 2. **Choose File** ⇒ **New** ⇒ **Trace**. The New Tracing window opens. 3. **Set up the Tracing Settings as shown inFigure 12-2 by filling in the fields.** Here you can control how the image is composed and prepped before you begin tracing. 4. **Click Start Trace.** The old outline is deleted. 5. **Choose Select** ⇒ **Color Range** ⇒ **Magenta (or whatever color you want to work with).** The new outline is created. 6. **Choose Edit** ⇒ **Fill** ⇒ **Color Range** to select an area to be filled with the new outline. From the color range menu, you can select a color. You can also click the color range selector icon. The gray circle appears in the color range, which you can drag to select an area of the image to fill with a new color. 7. **Repeat Steps 4–6 for the other colors.** Before choosing a color in the Color Range dialog box, be sure to remember which color is currently selected. If you choose a new color and aren’t ready to fill it, you’ll need to select it again. When you’re done, you’ll see the new color appear in a similar fashion on the image. In this example, we selected red. Figure 12-2: Fill in the Field Preview window to change color range and other settings before beginning the tracing. Here are a few quick tricks to help you fine-tune your outlines: * **Save time by duplicating the image:** Click the image in the Layers panel and then press Ctrl+C (to copy the image). Then click the image again and press Ctrl+J (to paste). * **Remove outline and fill:** After you’re done using a trace, simply click it in the Layers panel and press Delete

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Photoshop Elements requires users to log in to the Adobe website with their Adobe ID to register for a free license of up to the first 40 GB of storage, purchase the product for $15.00 or activate a paid license for $49.99. The free version is suitable for most people who want to use Photoshop Elements. Supported Platforms The software is available on Windows and macOS. The Linux distribution is based on a snapshot of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Python 2.7 and a pre-installed version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To install it in Linux, go to the official website. (First) step – download and install Photoshop Elements Download and install the software: The download file will be a zip file. Extract it to the default path, i.e. Downloads on Windows or Home folder on macOS. The photo editor will be located in the same location. If you are not already using a file manager such as File Explorer, then you might want to install a better one. Use a File Manager such as Windows Explorer to extract the photo editor: Option 2: Use the software installer directly from Adobe: Download the software installer from the official website. The download file will be a.exe file. Double-click on it and follow the steps. Install Photoshop Elements: Installing the software is a quick process. The steps are dependent on your operating system. Windows Computer with Windows: Double-click on the.exe file: Mac You have two options: Option 1: Use the software installer directly from Adobe: Download the software installer and double-click it. Follow the steps for your operating system. Option 2: Use the software installer directly from Adobe: Download the.dmg file. Drag the downloaded file to your Applications folder (or the Applications directory of the default path, i.e. Mac or /Applications/ on Windows): Option 3: Use the software installer directly from Adobe: In macOS 10.12+ and Linux 18.04+ (or any other version with GTK 3), download the.deb file. Drag the downloaded file to the terminal window and follow the installation instructions: File Managers such as Windows Explorer can be used to extract the software and to install it. Check the size of the download The a681f4349e

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Q: PHP preg_replace only in string if not empty I have a preg_replace and I want to skip it if string is empty. This is my code: $string = preg_replace( ‘/\s[\r ]+/’, ” “, $string ); As I understand, it works in case if string is empty or has only whitespace between characters. But in case, string has whitespace and non-whitespace character it replaces ALL chars with a space. My goal is to replace only first space with a non-whitespace char and second and bigger spaces with just one space. Can you guys help me please? A: In regular expressions, you can use a negative look-ahead. $string = preg_replace( ‘/\s(?![\r ]*$)/’, ”, $string ); Also, you could use str_replace instead of preg_replace. The Last of Us: Remastered is now officially out on PS4, and means that many players are now able to experience Ellie’s world for the first time after years. As Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann recently stated, there’s still some work to be done on supporting the game’s PS3 original’s release. “The Last of Us – Remastered is still PlayStation 3 only,” Druckmann said. “Our development team is hard at work on bringing the PS3 version up to speed with the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions, so it is still in development. We are hard at work for you, so stay tuned for news on when the game will be released.” Considering that there’s been no official word on the PS3 version’s status since the game launched on PS4, it seems like Naughty Dog may be hiding the truth about its status from fans. This new information comes just a few days after Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us: Remastered would be available for PC.p

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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit), 10/10.1/10.2/10.3 (64 bit) Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz), Core i3 (3.4GHz), Core i5 (3.2GHz), Core i7 (2.7GHz) 4GB RAM (4GB recommended) 16GB available hard drive space 30GB available space in Steam Library DirectX

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