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To use Photoshop, you will need to purchase the program and the accompanying accessories you’ll need to get started. Photoshop software costs at least $299; to purchase the software and accessories, you will need to spend $1,199 or more. When working in Photoshop, you will use some of its features to make a final print. Photoshop does not come with a printer, so you’ll need to get yourself a printer. You can take the print head of a laser printer and use an inkjet printer, but this is complicated and not very cost effective for printing large quantities of work. With the increasing popularity of digital cameras, more and more photographers are using Photoshop to create and modify images for their own use. In this article, we’ll cover Photoshop basics, and then we’ll look at tutorials for beginners who want to modify or create images with Photoshop. Photoshop Basics Photoshop’s basic tools for editing images include the following: The main program window houses the File, Edit, History, and Options panels. The Main Panel houses Photoshop’s main editing tools. It can be dragged to any position on the screen and resized. You can view all the panels in Full Screen mode to give yourself a bigger canvas on which to work. If you enable scaling of the Photoshop size, you can use this program as a full-screen painting program. The icon representing the Main Panel is an I-beam with a blue line over it. The History Panel shows all the actions and modifications to the image that you make. The Selection Panel is used to make and edit selections and paths. The Pencil Panel is used to make line selections. You can use the Pencil tool to create selections (line, freehand, and ellipse), erase any part of a selection, change the Pencil tool settings, and remove the selection. The selection tools add and remove colors on selected areas. The Brush Panel is used to paint. The Foreground/Background Panel is used to change the foreground and background colors. The Layers Panel is used to create and organize Photoshop layers. The Window Menu consists of a couple of other useful tools. The Print Tool can be used to set a print size, a paper type, number of prints, and paper orientation. The Print Preview Window can be used to view your prints before you print them. Using Tool Palettes Tool Palettes are areas

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What Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements do differently What Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements share is the ability to edit graphics in the same way as a professional. However, the essential difference is that Photoshop Elements is designed to work in a simpler way. Its interface is similar to a set of tools found on a mechanical drawing table, rather than a digital image editing program like Photoshop. You can change the size of any type of image, resize and crop images, add text, change image formats and much more. Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you do more with a single click. Image-editing tools can be selected and the Action bar can then be customised to produce additional edits. This means you can quickly improve an image just by opening it with the tool that you want to use. It isn’t possible to import files and convert them to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. You can only export images from either programme to other types of files and devices. Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements have significant differences, and these differences are discussed in detail below. Functions and Features in Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements This section covers the main features and functions of Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Crop photos The Crop tool lets you easily crop images, so that they are no longer larger or smaller than the required size. You can crop images horizontally and vertically. This produces a variety of new image sizes, depending on how much of the image is left blank on each side. The result is to give you the control to create images that are of a specific dimension, depending on what you need them to be. Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you crop photos to the exact dimensions you need. The Crop tool is found in the Adjust panel (the Toolbox) and is found in the Crop and Trim tool. You can crop photos either vertically or horizontally. To crop an image, find the crop button and then choose the direction and the size to crop the image. Resize photos This tool lets you resize photographs by reducing or increasing their size. You can make the picture smaller or larger. Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you increase or decrease the size of any image. The resizing tools are found in the Adjust panel, and the tool buttons are located near the corners of the screen. There are options for reducing the size of images, but the main function is to increase the size of images. Rotate images You 05a79cecff

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Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows XP SP3 Processor: 2.0 GHz single core processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or greater Display: 1024×768 or greater resolution DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 2 GB available space Additional Notes: Please note that if you are running a 64-bit operating system, you must make sure that your video card is also a 64-bit


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