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Working with Photoshop presets When you first open Photoshop, you see a screen like that shown in Figure 13-2. Here you can select from a variety of different presets that contain default settings for using the standard Photoshop tools. The current Photoshop installation defaults to the “Photoshop CS6 on Windows” preset. If you want to work with a different version of Photoshop, simply click “Use Custom Preset.” By default, the image shown in Figure

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What’s New in Photoshop Elements 21? Adobe Photoshop Elements 21 introduces a new animation feature, Animate, which lets you create simple animations that can be applied to any object or layer in a file. New Animate tool Edit and animate layers Apply transformations Create 3D objects Create and edit motion paths and keyframes Create and animate motion graphics in GIF, Animation Graphics Interchange Format Record and play videos Create stellar effects Add multiple still images to a video Optimized filters Create templates Create PDF files Create contact cards The new contact and address book builder lets you create contact cards, contact lists and address lists that you can download as a PDF file, and then print and share. New file types Create contact cards Create form and contact cards Create and use Hyperlink Cards Export files as web gallery Export and save files as PDF Edit videos using video filters Edit and convert videos Apply effects to videos Edit images with filters Create professional-quality JPEGs The File Info tool makes it easy to view details about the size, extension and date/time stamp of your photos and videos. The design and photo gallery tools let you organize your images into albums and view them in an attractive, easy-to-view style. Adobe Photoshop Elements 21: More Improvements Camera Raw 2: More tools for processing RAW files Crop and straighten tools: More control for object selection and exposure Crease and mask features Double-click to edit masked objects New auto white balance tools New film simulation tools New filter tools Precise drawing tools Replace multiple objects Select and capture alpha channels Adjustments, transformations and effects New Artistic filters New Artistic pen tools More artistic techniques More noise reduction filters New and improved templates More new Photoshop elements New video editing tools Applying adjustments Adjustment Brush Auto Levels Auto Smart Fill Blend tool Curves Filter Gallery Layer Comps Liquify Mask and Adjustments New filters Refine Edge tool Replacement tool Resize tool Save 05a79cecff

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* Macintosh computer with Intel Pentium processor. * 512 MB RAM is required for system installation. * A minimum of 15 GB hard drive space is needed for installation. * For Windows XP users, MS Paint 4.0 or later is required. * Internet connection to download this application. * The program is available for download from *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** This is a binary installation, not an installer. To run the program, please do

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