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_Figure 9.9_ Adobe makes Photoshop available on multiple platforms, but with over 80 million Macs worldwide in operation and the Internet having brought the computer into millions of homes, Adobe PhotoShop is also available on Macs. **Photoshop CS6: The New Features** _Photoshop CS6 has some new features that are especially attractive for professional designers. They include layers, adjustment layers, and blending modes. Figure 9.10 shows some of the new tools and features. This book will show you how to use the new features to create amazing images._ **Figure 9.10**

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The Core Graphics and UIKit framework provides developer with the tools to interact with all elements of the operating system and improve their software. If you’re a developer, you want to know everything about Core Graphics and UIKit, then you’ll love this article. Core Graphics and UIKit has many powerful functions, such as drawing, text, animation, transforms, resizing, clipping, shadows, border, and many more, to enable developers to easily create great apps. In this post, we will build an iOS app that will create beautiful text, change the background color to be greyscale, change the border to a custom color and remove the border around a text field, allowing a user to input text for a short time. For this app to work, we will need to learn about Core Graphics and UIKit and their components such as paths and text objects, and the most powerful component of Core Graphics — the CTM. Get ready to learn about Core Graphics and UIKit framework in this tutorial. Build a Basic iOS App If you are new to iOS development, start with these simple tutorials to learn how to build apps. Build a Simple iOS App We will build our first app to create beautiful text. Begin by creating a new project in Xcode or by using the iOS template in Android Studio and save it as a Single View Application. Open the project and add a new controller and name it MyFirstController, and set it as the default implementation. Create a view, add a label and UITextField object and connect it to the controller. Xcode will also add a main.storyboard file that contains our views with their outlets and actions. Run the app, and you will see a message on the screen saying “Hello World” when we tap on the text field. Change the Background Color of a View Core Graphics and UIKit are key components that allow developers to create beautiful apps. We will learn about Core Graphics and its function to draw a simple line, create a gradient color, add a shadow to a view and apply animation. Open ViewController.swift and change the title from “Hello World” to “Change Color.” import UIKit class ViewController: UIViewController { var label : UILabel! var textField : UITextField! @IBOutlet var colorView : UIView! @IBOutlet var background 05a79cecff

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Note You’ll get the best results if you start drawing or drawing a logo inside a type box, as explained on Using Type If you have an image you want to work on, start with one of the options above—most are covered next. If you’d like to start with a new

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Windows XP or higher; 800×600 resolution; 1 GHz CPU speed or higher; 128 MB RAM or higher; 1 GB of disk space or higher; DirectX 10 compliant graphic card; Monitor with at least 1024×768 resolution; Mozilla Firefox version 4.0 or higher The information on the internet about the game isn’t complete and there’s a large variety of computers. Therefore, we always recommend to play this game on a PC of the mentioned specs. 3.

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