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* If you’d like to learn about different photo editing tools that are not part of the Adobe Photoshop Suite, check out the magazine _National Geographic Photo Editor’s Guide_, which offers an overview of many editing tools and is available online at ``. Understanding the typical Photoshop work flow When working in Photoshop, you have the option of working with a RAW file (which contains data without any loss of detail that occurs when you convert a non-RAW file to a TIFF, JPEG, or Photoshop file), or you can start with a JPEG or TIFF file. You can load Photoshop either by using your start menu or by opening a program and clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the program (Photoshop CS5 and earlier) or Photoshop (Photoshop CS6 and later). Figure 4-1 shows an early version of the Photoshop CS6 program. Illustration by Wiley, Composition Services Graphics **Figure 4-1:** When you open the Photoshop CS6 program, the interface appears. You can control your workspace by using your menu and the keyboard and mouse. You can access many of Photoshop’s features by using the keyboard (through the menus), by activating the spacebar, or even by using your voice. Working with layers Layers are essential to understanding how Photoshop works. The most basic use of a layer is to keep certain areas of an image separate from others so that you can easily manipulate one portion and not have to worry about altering or changing another area. For example, you may have a single layer of type in an image and want to change the size and color of the font. You can easily do this if the type is on a single layer. You can also use a layer to isolate areas of an image so that you can change the overall color of one area and not affect another. For example, if you want to change the color of the sky in a photo, you can move the image’s layers to a new Photoshop file (or document) and simply use the masking capabilities of Photoshop to change the color of the sky without having any effect on the original photo. You can also change the size and color of the text and add effects like drop shadows. You can work in the Layers panel, which is similar to a Photoshop color panel, or you can use the Layer palette. The Layers palette is shown in Figure 4-2.

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Elements is more like a photoshop lite, a lightweight version of the program. It also does not need a license. If you’re a beginner, you might be better off with this alternative. Photo editing on a budget If you’re on a tight budget and are looking to edit your photos with Elements, you’re in luck. Elements is very affordable. You can get the full version for free on the Windows platform, and it can be downloaded for free on other platforms. One of the best things about Elements is that it doesn’t have expensive features. One of the best things about Elements is that you can easily edit your images by clicking and dragging. It’s fast and easy to use. Even if you’re a real pro, you can still use Elements to edit and create high-quality images. The problems you may have are less about the software and more about the knowledge of using it. Most of the time you will be using Elements for amateur photographers. You don’t need much to use Elements effectively. If you’re an experienced user of Photoshop and you just can’t wrap your head around Elements, you can use it to edit images, create new logos, or both. You can upgrade to a paid version of Elements, but you won’t need it. You can also get a discounted version of the program. The free version of Elements is simple to use and is packed with powerful tools. If you can use a basic Photoshop workflow, you’ll find that Elements will be enough to edit images. Some of the in-built features are only available in the paid version. How Elements works You can edit, create new images, and even save images as you edit them. As you edit an image, a new window will appear. You can use the Standard or Expert modes to edit your photos. If you want to create new images, you can also use the Standard or the Expert modes. Standard mode If you are just editing images, Photoshop Elements is pretty straightforward to use. You’ll see a single image. You can use the same tools on the layers below the image to edit it. You can crop, add filters, and more. You can also add various effects to the image. Layers in the Photoshop Elements Standard mode You can add as many layers 05a79cecff

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* NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 7730 or higher, Intel® Core™ i5 or higher, or AMD Ryzen™ CPU * Minimum system requirements may vary based on the gaming genre and the available graphics power. * Microsoft® DirectX® 11, graphics driver version 11.0 or higher * Intel® Compiler, v11 or higher * Intel® Core™ i5-4590 or higher * PC hardware specification may vary based on the graphics driver and Windows version used. * If all

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