1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the field of business methods, and more particularly, to a method for promoting new products using word-of-mouth advertising via social media. 2. Description of the Related Art Many businesses employ a strategy where promotion and advertising of a product is focused to customers located in areas that are close to the business. A customer who is located near a business can more easily get to know about the product and be motivated to purchase the product. Although a good strategy, many businesses are concerned about the unknowns that come with advertisements and promotion in a community known to be hostile to a business. To address the possibility of a hostile community, many businesses utilize a strategy called word-of-mouth advertising that depends on the community to promote the product. Word-of-mouth advertising relies on a trusted source, usually a friend, relative, colleague, neighbor, colleague, friend, or family member to pass along a message about a product. Word-of-mouth advertising is effective because a person would not be willing to share information about a product with anyone unless the information was trustworthy or the person was motivated to do so by positive reasons. Although word-of-mouth advertising has a great potential for a business, the method of word-of-mouth advertising is also very slow and often ineffective. Direct-to-consumer marketing and advertisements that are directed to a community may be more effective because people are more willing to talk about products that affect them directly. Direct-to-consumer marketing and advertisements directed to a community lack the same levels of trust that a word-of-mouth ad has with a community because the ad was generated by a business rather than a friend or family member of a member of a community. Additionally, even if a business would like to advertise to a community, there are few available ways to advertise to the community. Even though business are currently limited to a few options for advertising a product to a community, a business may be able to obtain more traffic to its website by advertising in a community.A real-time tracking system for measuring 3D knee kinematics during squatting. A system for real-time tracking of tibio-femoral kinematics during squatting is presented. The system provides knee flexion angle, tibial internal rotation angle, tibial external rotation angle, lower limb frontal plane angle and lower limb frontal plane translation. A knee-tracking device, consisting of an X-ray plate and


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