Edit: I feel dumb posting this, but I can’t edit the question anymore. A: I think it is happening because you are deleting the post (by clicking on this link). It is being saved in the database table but the element (the question) is not being visible. You can fix the problem by clicking on Edit to make the post visible and then click on Delete to delete it from the database. cc : false # # Support for the Guest VM # # Export the guest’s GQ device to the kernel image CONF_DEFAULT_GUEST_GQ_DEVICE=”sda” # Export the guest’s GPU device to the kernel image CONF_DEFAULT_GUEST_GQ_DEVICE_GPU=”sda” # Export the guest’s GPU device to the initrd.img #CONF_DEFAULT_GUEST_INITRAM_GPU=”sda” # If you want a guest that automatically initializes itself # after a system boot without the need of a bare root # installation on disk, set this to ‘y’ CONF_DEFAULT_GUEST_AUTO_BOOT=”n” # Host the guest’s initramfs in /boot/guest.img #CONF_DEFAULT_GUEST_INITRAM_IMG=”/boot/guest.img” # # VFS configuration # # Leave the root filesystem exposed as vfs CONF_DEFAULT_GQ_STRATEGY=”outofcontext” # Leave the guest’s root filesystem exposed as vfs #CONF_DEFAULT_GUEST_GQ_STRATEGY=”outofcontext” # Force mounting some VFSs during the boot process CONF_DEFAULT_VFS_MOUNT=”true” # Force unmounting of some VFSs #CONF_DEFAULT_VFS_UNMOUNT=”true” # Enable “soft” mount (no error report, but no effect, if the system is # mounted cleanly anyway) of a VFS that doesn’t support it yet. # For example, if the NFS version of the VFS doesn’t support soft mounts yet, # enable the soft mount of the N

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I tried to run this command in a terminal but it didn’t work. sudo etherape -f /etc/etherape.conf A: The manpage is clear: [OPTIONS] -h, –help Display this help and exit. Try that. Alternatively, you can just check the example configuration file. It’s very simple, so you can copy it to your /etc/etherape.conf: [accounts] ether@: title=’Default Ethernet view’ uuid=007c10bf-e4a5-4c23-a0b6-3c221a18de5b active=True When you save it and run etherape, it will show you what account names match the ethernet interfaces connected to your router. Anthony Levandowski wants to be a chief executive officer for a company, not an engineer, and he has amassed a list of 20 ideas. Some are just short-term experiments. Others are more ambitious and offer an opportunity for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to enter new markets. For more than a decade, the self-driving-car engineer’s world has been defined by his work with Google’s early research teams on self-driving cars. He founded the company’s self-driving-vehicle business in 2013 and then moved on to other projects. Now, after announcing a series of new projects Friday, Mr. Levandowski has formally taken the helm of Waymo, the company that is probably best known as the Alphabet self-driving-car division. “The reason I left is there are so many things that make my heart sing, and I don’t have enough time to do them all,” Mr. Levandowski said in an interview Friday. Mr. Levandowski will oversee Waymo’s recent triumphs. Since January, Waymo’s vehicles have successfully completed 600,000 miles of autonomous road driving. That’s well beyond what most experts thought a professional driver-less car could accomplish, and Waymo is now the world’s largest self-driving-car developer. Waymo also has the most data on public roads, from sources including Google’s fleet of 17,000 self-driving test cars that have driven about

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