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———– PKSFX is a tool to create graphical Observation Programs. It has several features that make it very easy-to-use. The main window of the program contains only the following functional areas (no design elements of any kind): * **Data selection area**, where you select which files to open. * **Data split area**, where you can easily split data into several ranges. * **Data range settings area**, where you define your range settings. * **Generate statistics area**, where you generate the statistics you need. * **Legend area**, where you can display legends in your graphs. * **Save area**, where you save your data. * **Run area**, where you start all graphs you created. * **Exit area**, where you exit from the PKSFX Application. * **Help area**, where you find help on using PKSFX. Features: ———- The main functionality of PKSFX is to allow you to easily create Observation Programs for all kinds of scientific data types, such as time-series, interval, multiple or contour data. It can even import some of these formats into an Excel Sheet. All this functionality can be seen in the screenshots below. You can make your programs yourself or use the predefined templates. The programs created by the template are then compared to your own, so that you can have some confidence that the program can be used to generate the results you really need. ![help]( ![create]( ![other]( ![other]( ![background]( ![background]( ![contour]( ![Interval]( ![multiple](

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* Allows you to create new group by drag’n’drop and lets you save them under a different name. * Allows you to edit existing groups. * Allows you to delete groups, components, and events. * Allows you to group the components into sections and subsections * Allows you to create a timeline from the list of group * Allows you to share your Observation Programs with your friends and family * Allows you to export them into a watch file * Allows you to save your data in the sample “Cracked PKSFX With Keygen_Example.PKSFX Serial Key” file PKSFX Requirements: * Windows 7 and higher. * An.Net Framework 4.0. * PKSFX_Example.pksfx sample files. * An internet connection is needed to use the online help. * PKSFX uses a lot of memory while running. So, make sure to have enough memory (RAM) available. PKSFX Features: * This version supports the “.pksfx” file format. * PKSFX supports setting the priority of selected components and/or groups of components in the timeline. The priority can be set by clicking on the small arrows of the required component or group. * Priority can be set for specific components or groups of components on a specific timeline section and for all components of all sections. * PKSFX can lock specific components or groups of components for editing by choosing them on the main menu. * PKSFX can lock specific components or groups of components for deleting by choosing them on the main menu. * By double clicking on the items in the timeline, you can display the selected component’s information. * The function of moving components between the timeline sections is on. * PKSFX is runnable as a background process so that the progress bar shows up in the system tray while the program is running. * Several animations are added to the interface when manipulating components or groups of components to make the user experience more pleasant. * PKSFX allows you to save the project on the fly while the program is running. * PKSFX is a very easy to use program for creating Observation Programs, time-lapse programs, and motion graphics. * You can also choose a specific path where to save the program and where to load the project. * PKSFX allows you to choose multiple video files from the selected path and to save them all. * You b7e8fdf5c8

PKSFX [Win/Mac]

PKSFX is a graphical application for viewing and filtering the movement behavior of astronomical objects detected by image analysis. In addition, this program is able to detect celestial objects (star trails) and create and fill up field reports. PKSFX Features: – Allows you to access the DSS image directly. – Allows you to perform batch processing. – Allows you to export the resulting reports as text, XML, PDF or image files. – Allows you to attach an.asc catalog and perform batch processing of the images in that catalog. – You can preview the results or save them in a personal archive. PKSFX Requirements: PKSFX is completely free to use. There are no restrictions except that you can only use the observations that you registered to your user account. PKSFX is supported on Windows and OS X. For more information, please visit PKSFX Home Page: You can find an icon of PKSFX in your desktop: Forum Topic #9 All times are (GMT) -05:00 JUMP TO:Direct LinkEditTopic News Post Replies Last post Sep 20, 2014 7:36am PKSFX Post #3 When using PKSFX with image catalogs there are 3 main modes of operation. Full mode Here you can select images to add to your library and analyze them with PKSFX. Batch mode Here you can batch process a complete image catalog and save the created reports. Debug mode Here you can look at the operation of PKSFX itself. You can find an overview of all the different objects, set the format of the report, save the report for later use etc. PKSFX Configuration Window JUMP TO:Direct LinkEditTopic News Post Replies Last post Sep 20, 2014 7:36am PKSFX Post #2 Problem #1: Originally Posted by N.Bel Alright… so I added the ESO image library and I’ve tried a couple of times to get it to recognise the.flt files. PKSFX says that the “white filter images” are not found and that the catalog should be upgraded. But it doesn’t say how to

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******************************** ** Features: ** The application has the following amazing features: -Create and Edit the objects needed for your observation programs. The features are very user-friendly, as you will easily find the functions and menus. -Create templates for objects to make your life easier. -Automatic conversions of your objects from other programming languages. -Simultaneous visualization of all objects in one window. -Support for the “10×10” and “20×20” view modes -Support for 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional graphs -Export your results as CVS files. -Save, open and modify your work without needing to close the program -Grouping of the objects -Supports all the objects and variables given in the package: -Ground, Water, Land, Air and Sun. -Accuracy of the applications: -All the objects are compatible with most of the previous versions of PKS. -PKS2K structure has not been changed ******************************** ** Requirements: ** This is the main page for PKSFX and it does not require an installation to use it. All you need is to have Java runtime environment installed on your computer. PKSFX Download: ******************************** This page provides you with the user manual and the installation package for the application. You can read and download it from the link below in the section entitled “Manual PKSFX”. ******************************** ** Manual for PKSFX ** ******************************** ** For users with no previous knowledge of PKS ** ******************************** ** For users with a good knowledge of PKS ** ******************************** ** For those that get stuck with creating objects and groups ** ******************************** ** For those that want to create new templates ** ******************************** ** For those that want to create 3D objects ** ******************************** ** For those that want to create 2D objects ** ******************************** ** For those that want to create Observation Programs ** ******************************** Download PKSFX: ******************************** ** To know how to use the basic observations ** If you want to create basic observations, you can read the instructions given in this

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– A computer or console with a digital sound card (minimum 1.0Ghz) – Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 – Microsoft DirectX 7.0 or later – Internet Explorer 6.0 or later – Netscape Communicator 4.7 or later – Oracle JRE 1.4.2 or later – 24-Bit-Per-Channel Audio – Internet Connection (may be required if you experience file download errors, but it’s not mandatory

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