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22-year-old star, Gareth Bale (Real Madrid, Spain), who was nominated as a finalist for the 2018 EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 Best FIFA Award, reflects on his journey and the impact he has had at the club, and highlights the importance of psychological development and nurturing a football culture to help a player reach their potential. Gareth Bale (Gareth Bale International School): “The team have bought into the idea of what I can do. They’ve got big belief in me as a player. They are happy to give me space to express myself and get into good positions to score goals. I’m keen to express myself and show my best football.” The 2017-18 season marked your first year at Real Madrid Castilla and your first season playing second division football. What has been the secret to the club’s success? I think the success is down to the coaches. It’s down to them believing in the players they’re working with and understanding what they can do. They’ve got the right players in the right positions; they’ve got the right development and the right set-up to support the players. That’s why you’ve seen the team do well so far. What advice would you give to the young players at the club? The main thing you have to do is be humble. Because if you do want to be a good player, you’ve got to do the work to improve yourself as a player and become a better person. You want to become a successful person on the pitch. You can’t be successful on the pitch without being humble and humble off the pitch is just as important. The other thing is to be yourself and enjoy playing football. That’s one of the main reasons why I started playing football at such a young age – because I just loved it. I enjoyed it and I still do, and it’s the same for everyone I think. That’s what I would say – just enjoy yourself and just enjoy the journey. Enjoy being young, you’re going to learn a lot as you go along. How does the ‘inner child’ play an important role in this process of psychological development? Having a good football culture is really important and I think it’s missing from some of the younger players in the team. Because of that I think it’s important that you have a


Features Key:

  • New Play Styles such as Tiki-Taka, Pro Controller mini-game, and Tactical Deflect, all delivered in brand new ways.
  • Authentic new features like Tackling, Speed Control, Player Interaction, Floating Pass, and more.
  • Custom-built, fully virtualised FIFA environments for all competitions.
  • Stunning new overall gameplay through new collision model, seamless animation, and improved ball physics.
  • Full body animations of every player in the game, plus full 360° ball physics.
  • Fantastic new animations for tackles, headers and crosses.
  • Single Viewpoint camera system for all environments, matches and through-play scenes, regardless of the player position with a new height-assisted trajectory.


  • All 5 modes (Overall, Team, Head-to-Head, Online, Rivals) implemented in new ways.
  • Live Together and Play Apart will feature more than 5 modes – keep playing the way you like best. The global community rankings will now also display on all platforms, and the World Cup and FIFA World Cup modes keep their well-established features – perfect for finalizing a squad before the World Cup.
  • Online is the most balanced mode with an extra game mode just for Ranked Matches as well as a new online rating system that tracks your progression on both Single and 2-player modes.
  • Reliable Technology: A hybrid client-server architecture with a mostly online-only backend and a hybrid client architecture for the 3G/Wifi clients using the fully feature-complete last-generation-networking protocol.


Fifa 22 (Latest)

FIFA (originally FIFA International Football Association, FIFA stands for “Fédération Internationale de Football Association”) is a video game series of association football simulations developed and published by Electronic Arts. FIFA was originally released in August of 1990, and the FIFA series continues to be produced today. FIFA is currently the best-selling sports video game series of all time. Why did Electronic Arts create FIFA? In the 1970s, the game Pang, a text-based game that simulates the rules of soccer, was the most popular sport game for arcade and computer systems in the United States. That was the year of the 1976 Helsinki Olympics, which introduced soccer to the US mainstream. The next year in 1977, the US hosted the “World Jai Alai Championship” in which a virtual version of the game was played by teams consisting of the US National Jai Alai Team and a team of Cuban players. The Cuban team won the tournament, and the first game of football on the IBM Personal Computer changed from Pang to a version of Jai Alai called “FIFA Soccer”. FIFA How was FIFA programmed? The development of the computer game FIFA went from a simple text-based Jai Alai game to the FIFA Soccer series. EA teamed up with Peter Erskine, who left the BBC, to create the predecessor to the FIFA series. They hired Brian Glanville to work on the development in 1986. Glanville taught himself how to program, and the ERSKINE game was released in March of 1987. During the late 1980s, with the help of programmer Martin “Red” Guile, who later started Activision (Boulder, Colorado) and EA Sports Online, FIFA Soccer was developed further. It was later renamed to FIFA World Cup ’90 and became the first international version of the game. After the end of the period of US-UK dominance, FIFA World Cup ’94 and FIFA ’96 were created. At the end of the 1990s, people who helped create FIFA returned to EA Sports. In 1999, Peter Erskine and his team started the development of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. The start of the X-Box console generation in 2001 marked the beginning of major development in EA Sports FIFA. The franchise was transferred to EA Canada and EA Sports. In the first of the FIFA series for the X-Box, its publisher Electronic Arts bc9d6d6daa


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The best footballers in the world come together in FIFA Ultimate Team. Take on the role of manager and build your very own team with up to 360 players from some of the world’s biggest footballing nations. Build your Ultimate Team through packs of players, with each pack including three different player types. Win Ultimate Team Leagues or compete in online multiplayer to climb the leaderboards and earn valuable packs of players, stadiums, teams, kits and more. Online World Cup – This year FIFA World Cup™ returns to PlayStation 4 for the first time since its debut in 2006, and for the first time anywhere the match engine has been used at the highest level of competition. An all-new online World Cup mode recreates the excitement of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in all its glory. Every World Cup™ Champions League™ match will be official and rated at a high level by EA. Team of the Week – Match real life world-class footballers and face off in FIFA Ultimate Team to build and manage your very own team. Choose from over 80 real life players and make tactical decisions at each moment of each FIFA World Cup™ match. Online Seasons – Play the 2016-2017 World Cup™ online on PlayStation 4 and be part of a global network that includes players from over 100 countries. Play 20-player matches in online FIFA Leagues that qualify you for higher-level matches against other FIFA Online Seasons teams. Win the Champions League, and you’ll earn the right to play in the FIFA Club World Cup. Online Matches – Whether you play solo or online with friends and rivals, make a tactical switch mid-game, influence the outcome of a match, or rally your team to win a knockout match. Stadiums – Live out your dreams of owning a world-class stadium. Build your very own stadium, then brand it with your team logo and play matches in your dream stadium. Fast Paced Online – Live the thrill of football in quick-fought action and compete for real money for your UEFA team. Earn more victories and climb the online leagues to climb the online leaderboards. FIFA 18 GOLD EDITION FIFA 18 GOLD EDITION for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC gives you a host of new content including a FIFA Ultimate Team pack, FIFA Ultimate Team card collection and the new FIFA 18 Demo.There has been known to be sintering ceramic light weight ceramic material such as, for example, magnesium alum


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • The Journey: the NEW way to play. Let the incredible player stories, unseen visuals and emotional collisions dictate your journey to glory in an open-world Soccer game. It’s the roadmap for the Road to Glory.
  • HyperMotion Technology (previously known as “next-gen gameplay”): take the ball, shoot, pass and control the game in a more natural and realistic way. The most immersive movement in the world of football, in an open-world title where you’re not restricted to a stadium.
  • Road to Glory: FUT, your new season and lifestyle
  • Authentic Road to Glory experience: we’ve included all the elements of an authentic in-game experience for the first time in FIFA history, to be recreated on real and authentic clubs all over the world.
  • In addition to our new game modes, the new players on the pitch and in the dugout and the new avatars present in vibrant environments open up new player management opportunities that we like to call “player managers”.
  • The ability to unlock long-loved players from previous versions – leading to your player’s unique look in the eyes of the community. Unlock one-of-a-kind player owners thanks to improved worldwide configuration options, and play your favorite way with 3D effect… MORE.
  • Completely revamped and easy-to-use Clubs and Stadiums system so, for the first time, every one of the 10,000+ licensed club stadiums will be available from the get-go.
  • Fully reworked Club and International kits and friendlies.
  • And many other improvements and additions.


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The best football game is back with FIFA 20. Reveal your favourite player, create your own superstar with powerful game engine. Play with your friends in FIFA Ultimate Team™. Enter the action and play with legendary flair. FIFA 20 delivers the game of your dreams. FIFA Ultimate Team™ or FIFA Career Mode. What does your license include? More than 40 million players around the world are connected to the FIFA family via hundreds of official team and player licenses from leading clubs, leagues, federations and governing bodies in football. FIFA and EA SPORTS also have more than 800 official sponsors. What does your license include? More than 40 million players around the world are connected to the FIFA family via hundreds of official team and player licenses from leading clubs, leagues, federations and governing bodies in football. FIFA and EA SPORTS also have more than 800 official sponsors. Where can I buy it? FIFA 20 Buy online Get a new story, a fresh start, and a whole new set of rewards when you buy FIFA 20 on Origin. Gameplay insights Player variability delivers a more authentic, unpredictable experience. The Pick-up-and-play interface has been designed to be easy to use and understand. Active and intelligent AI has four new AI modes: Advanced Manager, Tactical, Intelligent Select and Challenge. New features across all game modes, from new gameplay modes and custom leagues to game engine improvements. Game engine improvements, making the game more stable and easier to balance for multiplayer. Jump in and play the new FIFA story mode on your Origin PC or console. More new features including enhanced artificial intelligence, new animations and more detailed stadiums. New rewards for custom tournaments. New customization options for players, managers and coaches. New game engine improvements to Ultimate Team and social features. About the game World-renowned football meets beautiful women on the FIFA cover with the new hit series from EA SPORTS FIFA. For the first time ever, FIFA Women’s World Cup brings the biggest and most prestigious women’s event in football on your mobile device. And for the first time ever, the FIFA World Cup™ logo is back on the FIFA 20 cover. With more than 650 official team and player licences from around the world, FIFA 20 delivers what fans have been waiting for: FIFA 20 is the game that gives you


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