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Improved Camera Possibilities The camera is one of the most important components in a football video game. FIFA 20’s pitch-based camera was the best in the series but FIFA 22’s is the best to date. As a result of the improvements made, players will be able to see clearer reactions, and will be better able to read the game, better aware of their surroundings. Players will now rotate their hips with more ease when kicking the ball, and more than ever, will be able to see defenders in clear close-up. FIFA 22 also brings the “Position Bench” to the pitch. From now on, players can run around the pitch and trackback on a player of their choice to better assess their progress. This feature is still in beta form and it is not fully matured, but it will be a welcome addition to a more realistic gameplay experience. New Player Types FIFA 22 will introduce two new player types: “de Maradona” and “de Zidane” De Maradona, real name Diego Armando Maradona, is one of the most revered soccer players in history. He earned a reputation as a world class attacking midfielder, earning the nickname “El Diego,” and is considered one of the greatest players of all time. Maradona was hired by Konami to be the voice for FIFA 19’s “de Maradona” model, which makes his comeback official in FIFA 22. de Maradona: • Height: 1.87m • Weight: 82kg • Body type: Athletic • Thigh strength: 4 • The de Maradona model: Excellent balance and good dynamic action. The de Maradona model has greater agility and, as a result, will be able to run at higher speeds than previous models. Maradona can sprint faster than any other player in the game, except Ronaldo. de Zidane: • Height: 1.91m • Weight: 91kg • Body type: Striker • Thigh strength: 6 • The de Zidane model: The de Zidane model is the fastest of the new player types. This model uses real-time physics and AI to move. Zidane can sprint at higher speeds than any other player in the game, except Ronaldo. New Defensive Tactics FIFA 21 featured a new defensive tactic called “Bus.” Bus can be used to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Become The Best: Train virtually using a Career Mode or hone your skills as a football manager in the new ambitious, intimate game mode – FIFA Ultimate Team. Each of the game modes features state of the art technology powered by next-generation data capture from real-life footballers. Players can now perform spectacular goals, spectacular saves, spectacular crosses, and spectacular foules by using motion capture technology.
  • Play Like The Best: Quick play video demos show you all the ways the game plays.


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Football defines every country, and FIFA simulates it, enabling you to play any football match ever, against any team, in any league, with any player. FIFA revolutionised football in association football and now football in general. From strategies to tactics, game modes to players, the FIFA family brings you an unrivalled authentic experience. FIFA Ultimate Team is a real dream; it brings you the thrill of owning great players and even greater player cards and allows you to manage and improve your FUT squad by buying, selling and trading them. FIFA 19 continues to revolutionise the way football is played, giving you unprecedented control to create, play and compete with the very best on the planet. Capture, create and play with the most iconic stadiums across the world. Every one has been reimagined with stunning details and new features. Modify your game through the first-ever in-game mastery workshop. From new player attributes to new rules, it’s all in there. Get ready to prove that you’re worthy of wearing the prestigious EA SPORTS™ FIFA Champions badge. EA SPORTS™ FIFA Champions presents you with a brand-new experience: collect your favourite players’ cards and call on them to play at your side during game modes – such as Create-a-Club, Online Seasons, Skills Mode, Practice Mode and much more! A new look, improved AI and revolutionary gameplay are presented in FIFA 20. Create and play the world’s most captivating football matches like never before in FIFA 15. Compete in an all-new story-driven campaign mode, The Journey, in addition to three new game modes: Ultimate Team, Career and Momentum. FIFA 14 continues to build on its legacy in the franchise while bringing a host of exciting new features and gameplay innovations to the world of football simulation. FIFA 14 for PlayStation 4 features an amazing new Journey, the story-driven campaign mode, as well as other immersive modes and improvements for Ultimate Team. FIFA 14 for PlayStation 3 and FIFA 14 for Xbox 360 are the definitive versions of the game. FIFA 14 delivers the most realistic gameplay featuring new motion capture technology and a new Player Intelligence system that results in players reacting and thinking on the ball like they do in real matches. Live the real football experience with new Commentary technology, Goal Line 684577f2b6


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Get ready to rumble in Ultimate Team. Select your favorite club and start building your dream team. The greatest football stars in the world are in your hands to unlock and upgrade. The more you play and win with your team, the better your players will get. Go on an unstoppable rampage to top your leaderboards with stadium edits and legendary players to your football dreams. CLASSIC MODE The traditional game mode in FIFA, Classic retains the game’s award-winning action but introduces new features for players to enjoy. Your team must play ball after ball in FIFA’s never-ending action while using your speed, skill, and tactics to earn the victory. In the Classic mode, players can link their FIFA Ultimate Team to their FIFA Trainer2. Goal Rush™ – Go goal-crazy in Goal Rush. As you compete for the game-winning goal, use your speed and aggression to get to the ball first and score to win. Score a crucial goal, and you get rewarded with badges. Add other players to your team, and you’ll get even more badges. Go on a global challenge to keep up with your friends. Head-to-Head – In head-to-head, you’ll earn medals and free-kick tokens while fighting for turf supremacy in your rivalry matches. Show your opponent that you’re the boss. FIFA Trainer2 – In an all-new journey to master your game, The Journey and FIFA Trainer2 are your personalized FIFA journey to kick your skills up a notch. Work with the game’s coaches and unlock new features to take your game to the next level. HIGH-TENSION FIGHTS In FIFA 22, players can now go head-to-head in High-Tension Fights against real opposition. Based on hits and fouls in key areas of the pitch, make the right choices and win or lose a game in a matter of seconds. Reallife Hype Get in-game notifications when your team score or lose a game, letting you take the game home with you as you cheer on your favorite soccer stars. Relive your best victories with the Reallife Hype feature. Evolving The Match Career mode has evolved in FIFA 22. With more Personalized Moments, more ways to adapt your Club Story, and brand new Career Challenges, you’ll find that playing with the strategy and tactical management


What’s new:

  • Adaptive Physically-Based Player Modeling (APBM)
  • Retro Player Control (RPC)
  • 12 Minute Game
  • Dynamic Tactics Controls (DTC)
  • Fluid Defending (FluoD)
  • Legit Kit Creator
  • Improved Online Modes (i.e., Online MUT)
  • New Kit Catalog
  • Hidden XP bonuses
  • Duration of Commercials has increased
  • AI Options in Career Mode – Improved from FIFA 21
  • New Training Room (TUTOR)


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 selling sports video game franchise of all time, featuring rosters of the world’s best professional clubs and athletes. EA SPORTS FIFA delivers next-generation gameplay that puts the ball in the player’s hands, and more freedom than ever to create your own unique player. Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 takes the golden boots of the real deal all the way to its limits, and sets the standard for how FIFA should be played. FIFA World Cup™ – 4K SUPPORT. More seats. More views. More of everything. The FIFA World Cup™ is the ultimate sporting event and now for the first time ever EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup™ delivers fans the next generation of gameplay, with 4K support, on stadiums that span the globe. Play a game anywhere with FIFA World Cup™. FIFA Euro 2016™ – 2K PS4™ ULTIMATE TEAM. For the first time EA SPORTS FIFA introduces Ultimate Team™ modes to the console versions of FIFA, allowing you to play completely new ways with an experienced roster of the world’s best. Start off with a squad of French and Irish players and go all the way up to a true UEFA Squad, featuring Ronaldo, Messi and all the other stars from the European Championships. The Player Impact Engine (PIE) is FIFA’s breakthrough AI engine. It analyzes the performance of players in game and predicts what players will do in real life. PIE also adapts to the team on the pitch and creates unique tactical challenges for players. Create Your Dream Team NEW KICKS – Trial and error is gone. Make every play count, test different variations in the all-new FIFA Interactive World Cup, and find the key to unlocking players and unlocking style. Each player has a distinct skill set and you’re constantly tweaking their abilities to get just the right blend for your team. Create your ideal team by putting together the best possible side and balance the skills of every player with your ability to adapt and overcome any challenge on the pitch. KICKS – From your first touch, your players have a distinct skill set. Every goal they score, be it from a Penalty Kick, Arugala, or Free Kick will make a lasting impact on how you play. Create your perfect match by adapting your tactics to your players and their strengths. GOAL SPECIALS – EA SPORTS FIFA 17


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • First of all, download the game from Here
  • Then, download this Fifa 7.13 APK
  • Then, run the game on your Android device
  • It’s that simple


System Requirements 

  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • 1.3GHZ or higher


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

– Windows 7/8/10 (64bit) or later – 2 GHz multi-core CPU or better – 2 GB RAM or better – 1 GB VRAM (recommended) – HDMI output to projector and TV – Peripherals: – Keyboard – Mouse – Headset Software requirements: – Direct3D 11 – Intel HD 3000 graphics or better – DirectX 12


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