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“As players, we are constantly adapting our actions depending on the type of situations we are in. That’s what we do every day on the training pitch. So, using the real-time data from the matches we had with the players in motion capture suits, we’re able to capture all of those aspects and enable the simulation environment to react and adapt based on the actions our players are making,” said Technical Director Alex Ricciuto. “We were aiming for a realism that was beyond the physical performance of each player, all the way to their actions, reactions, and the intensity of movements. The data fed back to the engine will enable a much more reactive and accurate simulation environment, giving you a level of control that wasn’t possible before.” Not only is this reflected in the game’s authenticity, including the sound of players’ footwork hitting the ground, but it’s also apparent in the faster pace of gameplay. “As players, we are always looking to get around the opposition. When attacking down the wing, we always look for an option to strike,” said Henry. “Being able to execute a first-time pass or a move when a defender is in possession in the precise moment you need to push forward is vital. We’ve worked closely with the Digital Intelligence guys at the FIFA Institute in Paris, to collect a vast amount of ‘in the moment’ motion capture data from all of the players, giving us incredible information. Using this data, we’ve enabled players to be more reactive, more ambitious and more ambitious at both ends of the pitch than ever before. I think the new passing animation, new acceleration and new off-the-ball movement gives players a better feel for the game.” With over 90 All-Stars taking part in the first-ever FIFA Stadium Tour, the cover stars have been brought to life as lifelike players with their own unique movements and reactions. The player likenesses were completely re-engineered using MotionBuilder’s comprehensive motion capture technology, creating the best-looking, most authentic cover star models yet. FIFA 22 introduces 3D Super Reporters and exciting new pre-match and post-match presentation features, further boosting the authentic coverage of the game. Ahead of kick-off, FIFA The Next Star is back as one of the most compelling, dynamic and technologically advanced


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” (HMT), a revolutionary new way for players to interact in game with real-life data collected from a high-intensity match, that allows players’ reactions and movement to be simulated dynamically during gameplay.
  • Expanded Club Battles: Alliances in the Galaxy of Football and the Premier League are more important than ever. Two alliances will earn the highest score against the rest of the competition, so expect the Premier League to be especially tense in FIFA 22.
  • A host of new co-ops and new mini-games which can be played in-game, as well as in the FIFA Ultimate Team mobile app (requires iOS 11 or later).
  • Improved players to player interaction and skill matchmaking, as well as momentum based acceleration that lets players build speed over time.
  • Improvements have been made to Player Intelligence and Player Performance, including the ability to switch intuitively between five new sets of player behaviours: Smart, Speedy, Strong, Fast and Defensive.
  • Tag Zones, the 3D view of the area from which players can receive Dribbling Challenges for the player to compete.
  • Wayne Rooney and Chris Pronger return as Goalkeepers.
  • The FIFA Team of the Year franchise is back as the players voted for 2017-18, with the return of the iconic, club- and national-level Ultimate Team.
  • Continual commercial tie-ins with Club World Cup for major club associations, the option to use your FIFA Ultimate Team teams as a set piece, and a redesigned Home Finishing Cup.
  • New ways to share games via the web, social and the FIFA Interactive World Cup, to download, share or livestream the action on the pitch.
  • All the features and content already available in the Season Ticket, as well as: giving fans the option to create their very own custom-made jerseys, delivery of player packs via tablets and computers at Bundesliga stadiums, and automatic jerseys for the European leagues.
  • All-new official kits powered by Adidas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Philippe Coutinho and Neymar.


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Football video game series; FIFA EA SPORTS FIFA The FIFA series of games is an annual football (soccer) video game series developed by Electronic Arts (EA) San Francisco and published by Electronic Arts and its brand What is football? The sport is popular in many countries. How is it played? Many professional clubs play the game in England, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Scotland, Wales, the United States and other countries. The sport is played with a ball which is controlled with the feet, arms and head. Players use their feet to manipulate the ball in a manner similar to ice hockey, curling and netball. The ball is struck with the hand or the chest and the head, which can be used to attempt to keep the ball in play and to score by kicking it into a goal. Competitions The World Cup is played every four years (World Cup) and every year (Euro or European Cup) of the football season. A game mode of the FIFA series is a mode in the game which has its own story, game play and various settings and rules. The modes are: Online/Multiplayer – Computer versus player, including local – Computer versus player, including local Career – A series of games/seasons in a career of a fictional footballer. – A series of games/seasons in a career of a fictional footballer. Seasons – Single game mode between real or fictional teams – Single game mode between real or fictional teams Training – Practice session for all players – Practice session for all players MyTeam – Practice for and compete against friends in a fictional team – Practice for and compete against friends in a fictional team Exhibition – Practice against computer controlled teams – Practice against computer controlled teams Community Goals – Practice to improve a virtual stadium, including naming rights and facilities – Practice to improve a virtual stadium, including naming rights and facilities Test Market – Practice against a player controlled computer, and play the game online – Practice against a player controlled computer, and play the game online MyClub – Practice against your real friends – Practice against your real friends Practice – Practice for the real-time playing of a game Gameplay There are various modes in the game. They include Online/Multiplayer, Career, Seasons, Training, Exhibition, Community Goals, Test bc9d6d6daa


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Customise your own squad of players from over 700 players available in FIFA 21. Create your dream team or fight against your friends on the pitch by building the ultimate team using real-world transfer budgets and over 200 unique players including superstars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. FIFA Ultimate Team Champions – Experience the ultimate challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team Champions. Six great champions from around the world will face off in a series of solo challenges where you will compete for points, prestige and glory. Fight for the Ball – Get on the pitch and experience the adrenaline rush of two action-packed games against your opponents in order to gain possession of the ball. Dynamic Suspensions – Battle physics in more responsive and authentic gameplay as balls become a lot more unpredictable in FIFA Ultimate Team Champions. All digital collisions and player injuries are more pronounced and realistic than ever before. Team Building Challenges – Challenge your friends in 11 new Team Building Challenges, including Create a Team, Score a Goal, Earn a Medal and More. Modern Buzz Get rid of the crowded menus by using the new Modern Buzz feature. This ensures that the action remains fluid and easy to access. A redesigned News section provides a streamlined, visual focus on the important news and updates from around the world. Real Champions Online Players who purchase FIFA 22 will be able to experience the highly anticipated free to play browser-based fantasy massively multiplayer online action game, Real Champions Online (RCO). COOL NEW FEATURES FOR FIFA CUP 2018 Brand New World Cup 2018 Mode – For the first time in the history of FIFA football, a whole brand new World Cup is being held, so it is essential that FIFA players get their hands on the FIFA World Cup app for FIFA CUP 2018 so they can enjoy all the new features before everyone else. FIFA World Cup 2018 will have a brand new tournament mode called ‘World Cup Mode’ – a new front in the Free-to-Play massively multiplayer online FIFA game. FIFA CUP 2018 will also have a new tournament mode called ‘FIFA CUP’. You can only enter this mode by purchasing the FIFA CUP 2018 World Cup app. ‘FIFA CUP’ is a semi-official competition that takes place before the main World Cup competition. New Player Chemistry System – Get ready for an even more immersive experience in the trenches by unlocking the new Player Chemistry System. There are three new attributes of Player Chemistry that provide a new


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • A new “Every Day Soccer” mode allows you to experience being new to the game, introducing you to the basics of the sport.
  • Improvements to gameplay have been made to better line up with the ball via more accurate dribbling decisions.
  • A range of new goal celebrations for players to use, including the fan-favourite “Pelé’s Bôton Glide”, Brazilian star Garrincha’s “Barca Shuffle” and the more flamboyant “Dionisio”.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team progress will not be synced with single-player match replays, for the first time in FUT history. Any Ultimate Team progress made will be retained on the console for use on FUT Champions.
  • A range of new kits, more emotes, and a Liverpool player-swapping feature have been added.
  • There are 4 new languages: French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • FIFA 22 introduces new loading screens.
  • Improvements to general performance. There will be less stuttering, more intuitive players, and fewer bugs.
  • Virtual Ticket visuals and UI from FIFA 18/19 have been transferred to the FIFA Premium Gold Pass version. Players who have purchased a previous version of a FIFA game get access to the Premium Gold Pass.
  • Editor performance has also been improved. New on Pitch and Player Post processing features will make your players look more realistic.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Trailer: The Future of FIFA. The Future of FIFA 2k23. EA SPORTS FIFA 2K23 marks the first-time players will be able to compete in the inaugural International Football Cup (IFC), representing the strongest national teams on the planet. Featuring a vast array of new content and gameplay advancements, FIFA 2K23 marks a new era of football game. FIFA 22 features entirely new players, stadiums and kits for the first time in the franchise’s history. Over 50 unique stadiums, including the revamped BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, France’s Stade de France and Germany’s Olympiastadion. New player faces, new careers and all new stadiums for the first time in FIFA’s history. One of the biggest new features of FIFA 22 is the game’s national teams. Featuring all-new player models, as well as changes to player behavior and new creation tools, each national team will now present a distinct look, persona and style to their home fans. FIFA 22 marks the return of the all-star teams: the FUT House Team, FUT Champions Team and FUT Team Legends Teams. Players have the ability to take on the role of their favorite team’s legends, allowing to experience the greatest moments of each team’s history as those players and turn them into FIFA legends. FIFA 22 changes the way you interact with the game. You will now have the ability to control a player as he runs, shoots and dribbles. 2K will continue to change the overall gameplay philosophy of the game, focusing on gameplay that is more responsive and responsive to the way you play FIFA. This new mentality is reflected by the improved ball physics, pass and creation control, and creation tools within the game. Professional Football Mode Career Mode in FIFA 22 will give players the chance to watch their favorite players grow from youth to superstardom. Players will now have greater control over the creation and management of their players. New tools allow players to build and manage their own legends. Players can now control their own contract negotiations and can put their legendary FIFA Legends players on trial at domestic and international sides. Quick Play Leagues: Players can experience the thrill of being manager of one of the 23 professional clubs


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