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ZProxy is a very useful tool that was designed to provide a more detailed and clearly breakdown of the traffic that is occurring between a user’s browser and the web server. More importantly it provides users with a better understanding of the methods in which a web server is generating content for the browser and with an understanding of where exactly those content is being requested and from where. ZProxy Features: * Precise Timeline for Displaying Domains/Hosts/IPs in Detail * Toggle Which Domains and Hosts to Show * Display Domains as Attack and Backend * Display Domains as Location and Content * Display Hosts as Attacks and Backends * Display Attack and Backend Locations on a Map * Show Domains/Hosts/IPs on a Map * Export and Import Domains/Hosts/IPs from/to your Clipboard * Export and Import List of Domains/Hosts/IPs * Export and Import Domains/Hosts/IPs from/to CSV/TXT * View Domains/Hosts/IPs one by one in list or by clicking an area of the map * View Domains/Hosts/IPs in a new page * Watch ZProxy Live * Open Invisible ZProxy in Incognito Mode * Hide ZProxy if it’s running * Browse Via External Browser * Exclude Domains/Hosts/IPs * Toggle Show Domains/Hosts/IPs as Advanced * Toggle URL Width * [Enable/Disable Email Alerts] * Show Email Alerts in Black/Red/Yellow/Blue * [Enable/Disable Social Media Alerts] * Show Social Media Alerts in Black/Red/Yellow/Blue * Toggle Force Refresh * Disable/Enable Scripting Support * Toggle Image Cache * Toggle Javascript/Jss Support * Toggle Cookies Support * [Enable/Disable Domain Hijacking Alerts] * Show Domain Hijacking Alerts in Black/Red/Yellow/Blue * Toggle New DOMains/Hosts/IPs * Toggle Export/Import * [ Enable/Disable Authentication Support] * Enable/Disable Basic Auth Support * Toggle Pasteable Domains/Hosts/IPs * Toggle Save Domains/Hosts/IPs List * Toggle Ignore Duplicates * Toggle Domains/Hosts/IPs as Advanced * Toggle Dom

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ZProxy allows you to easily view, analyze, and capture all your HTTP traffic. At the same time, it will automatically keep track of your bandwidth usage and help you develop site optimization strategies. I’m working on developing a new product that will help bloggers and others to develop their sites faster and easier than ever before. One major issue that is crippling the blogging community is the slow, messy and aggravating’redirect’. There are an incredible number of plugins, scripts and tutorials that let you handle redirects on a few sites, but not on your entire blog. This product is here to change that. Today I’m introducing a set of tools which can be use to do everything from taking snapshots to creating complete backup sets of your WordPress blog that can be used just in case disaster strikes. The backup set that I’m introducing you with today is backed up either locally, encrypted and stored in S3, or both encrypted and stored in S3. It’s called iThemesBloghost and it’s an addon for WordPress and we’re going to see how easy it is to install and use. When we first installed the WooCommerce plugin on our local host we discovered that we had a ton of issues and had to completely undo and reinstall the plugin. While the provided demo was impressive, none of the widgets we tried to use worked, or at least not to our liking. We discovered that the problems were caused by the inability of Jetpack to handle multiple sites and multiple sub-domains. We thought that by setting up a separate sites.tld and subdomain.domain.tld plugins that the config settings would be over-ridden or the site would make some local adjustments that would allow Jetpack to work properly. In this article, we’re going to see how we were able to get our Jetpack settings working. An interesting new plugin has been released to WordPress and it’s called IM Radio. IM Radio allows you to create radio stations in WordPress. This is definitely something we haven’t seen before and we’re certainly impressed with the fact that IM Radio is able to do all this in a plugin. There is a web site as well that allows you to build your own stations. With all of the talk about the upcoming version of WordPress, I’ve been talking with a lot of people. Most have been asking me about the new options that will be available in WordPress 4.0. What I haven’t been telling them is that a lot of the options that were just

What’s New In ZProxy?

======= ZProxy is an unofficial Zend Framework extension that allows you to see what’s being sent between your browser and a web server. Using the default settings, this extension will allow you to see the contents of every URL request that reaches your web server. Currently, the extension will show the HTTP request (or requests), what’s being sent and what’s being received in your system. It also allows you to intercept specific URLs for web requests. If you install the extension, you will notice that it will keep updating with new info. As of this writing, the extension is at version 0.7.0 and works with Zend Framework 2. For the latest news and updates, join us on Twitter ( Install Method: =========== The extension is automatically installed using Composer. Simply run the following command: composer require zendframework/zend-proxy // OR composer require zendframework/zend-proxy^0.7.0 Add the extension to your project ============================= Add the following to the top of your “bootstrap/autoload.php” file: PluginManager::get(‘Zend\ProxyManager\Plugin\ZProxyPluginManager’); $proxyPlugin = PluginManager::get(‘Zend\ProxyManager\Plugin\ZProxyPlugin’); $proxyPlugin->setConfig(array(‘proxyPrefix’ => ‘zendproxy’)); $proxyPlugin->registerPlugin(); Configure It ================= You can configure the ZProxy extension by going to your Project/Global/Index.php file and add the following to the bottom: if (class_exists(‘Zend\ProxyManager\Configuration’)) { $config = new Configuration(); $proxyPlugin = PluginManager::get(‘Zend\ProxyManager\Plugin\ZProxyPlugin’); $proxyPlugin->setConfig($config); $proxyPlugin->registerPlugin(); } Run the Application ================== You can run the application by using the following command: php /index.php You can also run the application in debug mode by running the following command: php /index.php -d zend_debug=1 ZProxy Issues: ================= ZProxy currently does not support /debug mode which is used to view the web page when run in


System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3317U, i7-3517U (6x 3.3 GHz, Turbo Boost) or greater Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 Storage: 16 GB available storage space Network: Broadband Internet connection Multi-core processing support: i5 with AVX (4x 2.9 GHz), i5 with AVX2 (4x 3.1


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