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Chem 4-D is an application that assists users in drawing chemistry structures. Moreover, it integrates multiple tools for text editing and labeling. Chem 4-D provides users with various features such as 3D rotation, hotkey labeling and syntax check. This program is a handy solution for generating structures by simply filling in molecular names.







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Supports editing of molecules by letter and constant symbols. Supports drag and drop to move molecules. Supports 3D rotation. Supports hotkey labeling. Supports importing external data from 3D (XYZ format and/or SMILES) and saving the data for later use. Supports exporting data in both XYZ format and SMILES format. Supports setting a custom action for each molecular. Supports copy/paste operations. Supports multi-select. Supports drag and drop operations to rearrange the molecules. Supports selections using automatic click detection and extension. Supports auto-rotation. Supports free rotation for constrained geometry operations. Supports conversion among different formats such as 3D/Cube, XYZ/Smiles, SMILES/Smiles and SMILES/3D. Supports saving and loading of files. Supports replacement of molecular and atoms and changing their properties such as colors. Supports check of errors in molecular geometry. Supports checking for errors of molecular geometry. Supports saving of images in the user selection. Supports saving of some keystrokes for future use. Supports saving the settings used for editing. Supports settings restoration for restoring the old settings. Supports opening of preset data by type. Supports specified/predefined imported data. Supports importation of external data from files such,.smi,.xyzm and.smim. Supports filtering of imported external data. Supports exclusion of specified data to save space. Supports transferring of selected data from imported data to a molecule. Supports transfer of filtered data to the molecule. Supports Batch operation. Supports filtering of imported data. Supports direct editing of imported data. Supports setting of preset values for each molecule. Supports export of all or selected molecules. Supports saving of results with default settings. Supports export in the PDF and/or PNG format. Supports saving the settings used for editing. Supports load and restore settings. Supports saving current options in the session. Supports saving the history in the session. Supports clearing of current options and settings. Supports saving the history to a file. Supports opening of preset data by type. Supports direct editing of imported data. Supp

Chem 4-D

Chem 4-D Free Download is a CAD program to help you generate, edit and view structures in ChemDraw format or in a portable format for later use. You can save your molecule and structure in a 3D format using a file format (VCDF, *.vcdf). Chem4-D is a wizard-based application. This means that users are not required to perform various operations manually. It generates a finished structure from you input with the help of a “wizard”. The wizard provides a drag & drop function to insert and move components into the molecule, and you can make the order of generation of the components more versatile. Furthermore, by utilizing the large 3D coordinate library (PCDATA), you can input the position of components in the 3D space. Chem4-D has following tools for text editing and labeling; 1. Text Editing Text Editing Tool : The text editing tool allows you to perform a variety of editing on the text elements in your document. It is possible to type, cut, copy, paste and delete text as well as combining different text elements. Text Editor : This application is used for editing text of your structure. By using it, you can cut, copy, paste text and even change text color. Furthermore, it is also possible to change the length of lines and inserting text like a word in the document. Find & Replace Tool : This tool allows you to find & replace text in your document. You can use it to make a part of text bold or change the color of selected text. 3. Numerical Inputting Numerical Inputting Tool : The numerical inputting tool allows the user to input a value (number) into the document. This tool is the time saving function you have been looking for, as it allows you to simply fill in data into a structure. Logarithmic Calculator : Use the calculator to input the logarithm of any value. 4. Molecular Structure Editing Molecular Structure Editing Tool : This tool is used to edit a structure. You can delete, copy, add and rotate components from the 3D database. CAD Tool : Use the CAD tool for editing a structure. You can freely move or rotate components with the help of a cursor. Coordinate Library : Edit the position of components in the 3D space by using the coordinate library. 5. Rotation Tool Rotation Tool : Use the rotation tool to rotate the 3D structure. Furthermore, you can rotate components 2f7fe94e24

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– Chem 4-D is a structure building software that helps users draw chemical structures from their knowledge. This editor comes with a wide range of chemical elements, 3D visual aids, speech synthesis and a built in chemistry database. This program enables users to view 3D images of the molecules. Chem 4-D can also help you save your time for structure building since it takes you less than one minute to build a chemically sound structure. – This program’s main features include: – Wide range of chemical elements that you can drag and drop – Visualize solid 3D images of the structures – Hotkey labeling gives you quick access to design functions – Syntax check for atom placement – An integrated chemistry database will keep you informed of your knowledge – Editable text boxes for chemical name. – Support for up to 50 languages, including English, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese – Optional preview of the output before saving – Manual and automatic text box fill options Statistics – 3D Chemstatistics 3.0.10 3D Chemstatistics is a chemical statistics software based on 3D visualization. 3D Chemstatistics highlights the molecular connectivity, local fields, region numbers, atoms visualizing, can visualize the metal centres, 3D Chemstatistics Description: 3D Chemstatistics is a chemical statistics software based on 3D visualization. 3D Chemstatistics highlights the molecular connectivity, local fields, region numbers, atoms visualizing, can visualize the metal centres, bonds between structures, heatmap plots, can generate 3D images and.pdb files. 3D Chemstatistics is useful for the visualization of calculations for molecules, between different molecules, intermolecular interactions and energetic properties of molecules. It is also useful to estimate hydrogen and other atoms for.pdb file format. * 3D Chemstatistics highlights the atomic, hybrid, and other bonding properties of molecules and metals. * It provides 3D mapping of elements from the elements data in the Chemistry Development Kit. * 3D Chemstatistics has many ready to use functions, such as,, visualizing, extracting, transporting, and getting ready to calculate. * 3D Chemstatistics can be used to analyze the electronic, magnetic, or structural properties of molecules. * 3D Chemstatistics can be used in the field of bio-medical sciences, in studying of pharmaceutical and agricultural research, etc. * It can be used as basic tools to

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