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Workflow charts are essential for almost any line of work, especially object driven approaches or those projects which involve the use of classes, relationships, and hierarchical structuring. Flowrigami was developed in order to provide users with such functionality. It will enable one to create, edit, and visualize various workflows, configure them via graphical components, and achieve BPM integration for businesses. Unlike similar solutions, Flowrigami offers a GUI-oriented approach to workflow design and is deployed through a lightweight JavaScript component. UML activities are fully supported and users will be able to perform importing and exporting of their workflows in JSON format, using the component’s API. Furthermore, the workflows can also be exported as a graphical format, in PNG. Indicator elements that are deployed with the library will allow one to highlight the workflow progress, and the component can be initialized into two, distinct modes: “Edit” or “View”. In order to embed the functionality of the component to one’s website, the “http://flowrigami.js” JavaScript library needs to be inserted into the header of the code block. The component can then be initiated using the target ID and previously created diagrams can be imported as string variables if users require such functionality.







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Workflow diagrams allow one to understand the temporal and logical relationships between entities, allowing one to define workflows, flows, and other transformations. In addition to being object-oriented, these diagrams can also be implemented in a graphical format, as a sequence of nodes and activity-interactions. In order to satisfy the needs of users, Flowrigami offers: → Graphical workflow editor: Drag and drop → Several activities available from the library, which are compatible with JavaScript → JSON/HTML export of workflows → Establish a dynamic relationship between workflows and relationships → Use UML activities to perform analysis → Import/export workflows in PNG and JSON format, enabling visualization of workflows in browsers → Edit operations that are made possible through drag and drop operations on workflows → Add indicator elements to workflows → Deploy the library to a website using JavaScript → Optionally use an API for implementing a web service to which one can access other information ]]> G Suite Feature: End-to-End Encryption introduced end-to-end encryption in the latest version of its popular G Suite web-based email solution, allowing users to encrypt all their messages in its latest update. This new feature will be added to G Suite users in the coming months. “Google Apps customers were some of the first to enjoy end-to-end encryption,” said Amit Fulayat, vice president, Google Apps. “We’re pleased to continue to improve the security of our products and build on our commitment to help organizations be more secure.” The new feature will generate a new encryption key every 24 hours, allowing users to communicate with colleagues using encryption. When end-to-end encrypted emails are sent to a Google Apps customer, the users will be prompted to click a link to validate the encryption key. Google, which started its projects about a year ago, started a competition to research the business by identifying the threats which hackers pose to organizations. The researchers determined that hackers can use an organization’s employees’ emails to obtain personal information from them

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The Flowrigami component is a JavaScript library which provides users with workflow editing and visualization capabilities. To achieve this, the component provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to a workflow editor. This workflow editor allows users to import and export workflow components into JavaScript variables in order to create, modify, and visualize their workflows. Furthermore, within Flowrigami, users can have their workflows analyzed in order to determine their workflow effectiveness. The workflow component which is developed by Flowrigami will allow developers to configure, create, import, export, export as PNG, and visualize workflows through a graphical user interface (GUI). When a developer creates a workflow component, a flow diagram can be saved as an image and imported back into the host program in order to create, modify, and visualize that workflow. In addition to this, the workflow component is dynamic and can be modified to determine functionality. For example, one can import to a string an XML document and the end-user can specify that it should be processed using a JavaScript library called an XML Parser and then a workflow component can be created in order to process that data. In addition to this, workflow components can be configured as a BPMN engine, Gantt charts, free-form diagrams, or RNN modules. Features of the component: FlowRigami provides a JavaScript library which provides the user with workflow editing and visualization capabilities. To achieve this, the component provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to a workflow editor. The component supports the following: A graphical user interface (GUI) which allows users to perform the importing and exporting of workflows and the workflow components as JSON, PNG, and ZIP files. A workflow editor which provides users with the capability to import and export workflow components to string variables as well as import a PNG file and view the corresponding workflows which are represented in that file. In order to process a workflow component, there is also a set of options which include: Editing, modifying, creating, saving, editing, and removing of workflow components using the GUI. RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) functionality which can be configured in order to perform RNN identification, analysis, and analysis. A Gantt charts functionality which enables the user to design various Gantt charts. Free-form diagram functionality which allows the user to define any kind of flow diagram within the editor. The component is also open source and the source can be viewed and downloaded via 2f7fe94e24

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Flowrigami is a JavaScript component that can be used to create, edit, and visualize workflows for projects, processes, object-oriented programming, or any other requirements that need to be structured hierarchically. It supports creation of templates and metadata, import and export to various formats such as JSON, SVG, and PNG, and visualization of the workflow diagrams using a Web browser. Flowrigami Alignment: Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a coding paradigm that emphasizes class-related aspects of an object in terms of both structure and functionality. The work of an object-oriented developer can be seen as a diagram where the basic building blocks of the application are represented. This view encapsulates the execution of a system into a process which has objectives, activities, and subtasks. If we turn to the Unified Modeling Language (UML), we will see a higher degree of abstraction as the activity, which represents a workflow in Flowrigami, has an object-oriented approach. In both cases, the output of the program is a “structure” that can be edited. It can be seen in the object-oriented approach as the “class” (metaclass) which represents the model of the main object. The input parameter for the process is a “usecase” (metaobject). Flowrigami – Activities As has been stated, a workflow is represented by an activity. The main characteristics of activities include: • Objective. – The objective of the workflow is the main objective of the process. • Activities. – An activity can be considered as a task that needs to be performed by the workflow. A typical activity has a target which consists of sub-activities. • Activities (parent) – An activity can have sub-activities which can then have other activities which can ultimately result in an objective. • Activities (child) – A sub-activity can be contained in another activity which is a child. • Subactivities (parent) – A sub-activity can have other sub-activities which can be contained in another activity, and so on. • Subactivities (child) – A sub-activity can have other sub-activities which can be contained in another activity, and so on. • Summary. – A summary describes the purpose of the activity. • Description. – A description that summarizes the description of the activity. The top level of a workflow has an objective. This

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Flowrigami is a JavaScript-oriented workflow manager. It allows for the execution of workflow steps, and offers BPM integration and a graphical workflow editor. It also provides full support for HTTP-based integration with any other systems that use JSON objects as an input and output, for example, Salesforce CRM or Crowdflower Crowdsourcing platforms. The component will provide functionality of most use cases when dealing with workflows, as it will allow one to add, edit, and visualize various workflow designs for the creation of complex business processes. Some of the main functionalities are as follows: Workflow execution The component will allow for the execution of specified workflows. The user will be able to generate new steps or workflows, and will be able to copy and paste the code into a variety of applications. Graphical workflow editor In addition to the functionality that is detailed in the previous point, the components will allow for the visualization of workflow designs using graphs, which will provide access to the entire workflow in one place. In order to allow the user to modify and execute various steps of the workflow and view the results, the component will offer the functionality of user-friendly workflow elements, like steps, workflows, and alerts. Importing and exporting workflows The component will allow users to generate and edit workflows, and will offer the functionality of importing and exporting various workflow designs in a variety of formats. JSON integration The component will be highly compatible with other systems, as it will allow for the integration of various data sources. It will provide further functionality by allowing integration with any system that utilizes JSON as an output. Furthermore, it will support workflows that are deployed in a graphical format using PNG. Intellij IDEA Plugin Support The component will allow for the execution of a variety of tests that will confirm the functionality of the component itself. It will also be compatible with other JavaScript-oriented IDEs that provide the functionality of Intellij IDEA plugin. Supported Components: Annotation Semantic Activity Flowchart Activity Editor Activity Diagrams Association Diagrams Class Diagrams Component Diagrams Configuration Diagrams Controller Activity Diagrams Data Flow Diagrams Data Structure Diagrams Extensibility and Extraction of the Workflows Document Interface Layers Network Diagrams Object Relationships Package Explorer Package View Package Blocks Project Explorer Query Schedule


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