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A vast amount of individuals judge computer performance based on how well sophisticated video games run. This lacks accuracy, and proper testing is done through benchmarking utilities. In this regard, MaxxFLOPS2 – PreView comes with the means to help you find out more about your CPU by stressing it through heavy algorithms, and expressions. Perks of portability With no installation required, you can go ahead and launch it from the moment download is done. What’s more, this enables you to carry it on a thumb drive to test CPU performance of other computers, without having to worry about stability, because registries are not modified to ensure functionality. On the visual side of things, the main window, although pretty compact, is fitted with all information fields you need, with feedback generated in different colors to make process identification easier. General system info like CPU make and model is shown, as well as the operating system and core architecture. Close other programs during benchmarking As the name suggests, the application measures processor performance by computing heavy FLOPS (floating-point operations per second) calculations. Depending on the result you’re interested in, priority can be set to one of three different levels. It’s best to cease all other activities, and close any running applications during the process, so data is properly gathered. It doesn’t take a lot of time for results to show up, but this mostly depends on the priority, and type of CPU. When done, three different fields show average FPU for division, adding, and multiplication operations. Results can either be saved in the form of screenshots, or sent to clipboard to paste in a custom log file. To end with All things considered, we come to the conclusion that MaxxFLOPS2 – PreView is a lightweight, but powerful tool with which you can check the performance of your CPU. Sure enough, the FLOPS test it performs helps more in scientific domains of activity, rather than letting you know if your PC is fit to run modern video games.







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MaxxFLOPS2 – PreView is a computer performance benchmarking utility which helps you estimate the performance of your processor. This benchmark app is easy to use and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. MaxxFLOPS2 – PreView Data Files Steps To Reset Windows 7 Password Windows 7 general configuration is tricky for a user, so it seems this administration scenario is very difficult to resolve. Sometimes deleting the entire hard disk will not help, and in most cases repair functions, resetting Windows login credentials or re-installing Windows could help. Today we will discuss the way to reset Windows 7 login password through using the most advanced and secure procedure. Note: This method not only helps the Windows operating system to recover its original set of username and password combinations. After such operation, the system has the ability to prevent malicious applications from staying in the device as well as the computer performance is improved. Reset Windows 7 Login Password (Secure) 4. Next, go to the “Start” button and click on “Control Panel”. 5. In the “Control Panel” window go to the “User Accounts” and check the user accounts you want to reset. 6. Now go to the “User Accounts” panel and click on “Choose a picture” icon to choose a picture of the user who wants to reset the password. 8. Close the “User Accounts” window. 9. At the password reset window, use the password of the user who wants to reset the Windows password. 10. To confirm the user accounts settings, click on the “Start” button again. 11. Now click on the “Control Panel” and see that the user settings are reset. 12. Quit the “Control Panel” now. Note: The password for users who are in control of the Windows credential has not been reset. To reset the password for other accounts you may check the steps mentioned in the earlier part. How to Recover Deleted Data Losing information can be a great source of depression and loss of confidence. So when you delete an important file, for example, you should think again before deleting it. Deleting such files will cause you to lose important information that is not recoverable. As such, the procedure for recovering deleted files is described below: 1. Verify the files have been deleted. Sometimes you may accidently delete an important file. You

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The product will be sent to your email address, provided during checkout. Widget images on this site do not represent or contain licensed property. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. Why would you give testing software when it’s already built-in to your graphics card? Shouldn’t it at least test the ‘floating point’ capabilities of the GPU? One of the first computer I used was a 486DX2 66MHz. The graphics card did not have a built in benchmark. So I had to buy some software, got lucky that it was free (for it was 30 days trial). It was the first benchmarking software I ever used. Of course it was a bit rough but it had the basic functions and I used it for years and years. Back then I thought that it did pretty good and that I was actually going to buy it.. All the sudden I seen this new thing called windows XP and BAM, there it was the free version of testing software. And with all it’s bells and whistles. So all this old software was replaced by something way better. It was a free and only tested a single thing. And that’s a CPU. And while you could argue that a GPU has ‘floating point’ capabilities, it’s still built into the card so it has to be tested by the card itself. Of course we all know that the CPU has many more functions than floating point operations, but a CPU benchmark? Oh wait.. I just remembered. There are even checks to see if it’s something you can run. Well ok, I guess it’s still better than zero out the cache and then crap out all at once like all others. Did they used to have a link to the CPU benchmark hardware specs in CPUID? I remember it was a graphical utility which was a pre-requisite for the CPU testing software. I use to love that thing. And yes a few people would ask for it to be added to their Benchmark app, since it was a ‘must’ for it to be a serious benchmarking tool. Oh and for those still using outdated ‘General purpose’ GPU’s you know… It’s nice to see they ‘fixed’ this ‘feature’

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PC: Windows 7 64bit OS: Latest Version GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 390, Quad-Core CPU and 2GB RAM Sound: Direct X 11, Version 11.1 Mouse and Keyboard (if using a Controller). Home Button is recommended for Gamepad. [Capcom] 1. Fight through the Kureya Jungle 2. Fight through the Hira’s Jungle 3. Fight through the Ayame’s Jungle 4. Fight through the

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