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– View your patient’s images at a glance – View and manage various types of DICOM images – Transfer images to a local drive or share them online – Create folders that can contain medical reports or lab results – Edit medical images as well as make minor changes – Import and export databases from different solutions – Manage, search and export/import images from all contacts – Customize your user interface – Find patient records automatically What is new in this release: Version 1.6 fixed: – problems with manually created folder – importing of PDF reports – 3D renderings What is new in version 1.5: – new license key is now visible in customers list What is new in version 1.4: – better organization of parameters on project tab – corrected search when selecting a file What is new in version 1.3: – protocol changed – bug in export panel fixed What is new in version 1.2: – access to images from other devices and computer What is new in version 1.1: – bug in edit mode fixed – orientation of files shown in advanced menu fixed What is new in version 1.0: – license key displayed for all access – file name changed – version in task pane fixed – new installation folder – version file in program folder fixed What is new in version 0.9.1: – solved bug of specifying missing space after “;” – license key displayed for all access What is new in version 0.9: – fixed barcode generation – fixed rendering issue after program update – (some) file names are now corrected – information about contacts is now visible – new images can now be saved in the “Copy DICOM Files” modeQ: AWS CloudWatch gives error with firefox I’ve created CloudWatch rule which is triggered on creating a new document: event type: CloudWatchEvent event source: SNS event target: CloudWatch Event target type: Custom::EventTarget event detail type: HTTP Request It works fine with Chrome and IE. However, when I add FireFox to my development machine, in firefox I have an error: AWS.DynamoDB.Exceptions.InternalError: The HTTP status code is not found in the AWS::CloudWatch::Rule::HTTP-Request HTTP header.

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DICOM Viewer Plus, 1.0.05 A highly advanced application, DICOM Viewer Plus is designed to offer you with an outstanding interface that is easy-to-use and offers you with a completely customizable view of the displayed DICOM images. GeeXLab DICOM Viewer, 1.2.0 GeeXLab DICOM Viewer is a powerful and easy-to-use application designed for the advanced users of DICOM formats. You can download and edit DICOM images with this application and never worry about the compatibility of the DICOM file to other software that uses the DICOM format. The primary function of this app is to view the DICOM images and support the DICOM viewer software that is compatible with this software. Scanimage DICOM Viewer, 2.4.4 DICOM Viewer is a mature, powerful and reliable application used for viewing and editing medical DICOM images. The viewer can support the DICOM viewer software that is compatible with this software. DICOM Viewer can import DICOM images and export DICOM images from other image viewer applications. With the DICOM Viewer, you can download the saved DICOM images from the viewer. DICOM Viewer Plus, 2.9.2 A feature-rich application that is used to view, modify, and export DICOM and other format images. The software allows you to view, manage, and edit DICOM images and documents. You can import and export DICOM documents to other DICOM viewers. DICOM Viewer Software, 3.4.5 DICOM viewer software is a powerful and easy-to-use application used for viewing and exporting DICOM images from various applications. The software supports the DICOM viewer software that is compatible with this application. DICOM Viewer software can read, view and export DICOM images and documents. DICOM Dumper, 3.7.10 DICOM Dumper will allow you to export DICOM format images to any common file formats. DICOM Dumper will support DICOM images from any application and make modifications to them. It also supports DICOM images from mobile apps. DICOM Dumper is a simple utility that is used to export DICOM images and other formats from DICOM viewer

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* PAL/NTSC: * FPS: 50-60 * OS: Windows Vista 64bit * RAM: 2 GB RAM * Graphics: DirectX® 8.1 or higher, 256MB Video RAM * Sound Card: DirectX® 7.0 Compatible Sound Card with DirectSound * CPU: Intel® Pentium® or AMD Athlon® K-6 * RAM:

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