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• Offers a Unique Fantasy Action RPG Experience We offer a fantasy adventure featuring groundbreaking design and tons of gameplay. We believe that players want to play the game they want to play and we want to give them the freedom to find new favorite stories in their own play style. • Unique Browser-Based Development We want to deliver a game that is extremely enjoyable to play in the browser, so we’re using the latest browser technology including HTML5. The game supports touch input for all actions. • A Story Full of Mystery and Adventure Our story takes place on the Lands Between, a semi-fictional world where the light of the Elden ring, a supernatural meteorite that provides the mana for all life, has been extinguished and the plants and animals of the land are losing their memories. On a quest to recover the lost memories of the land, the protagonist, whose body is actually a mobile phone, engages in epic battles with magical beings on their quest. Every part of the story is a vivid drama where the various thoughts of the protagonist and the other characters interact and intersect. • Safe for Kids and Family As a browser-based game, the story and combat are filtered to be for players 8 years old or older. Characters and situations are mature in nature. • An Innovative UI Concept that Removes the Barriers of the Browser The UI in “RISE, Tarnished” is unique from any other game. We’ve applied the latest browser UI technology and created a system in which the UI itself is no longer a barrier to play. • An Arena of Endless Fighting We offer a long-play style gameplay, where the player can endlessly fight in endless battles for the rest of eternity. The battle system in “RISE, Tarnished” is an Action RPG in which all actions are performed by simply touching the screen. You can freely assign a button to a skill and familiarize yourself with the game play by experimenting. “RISE, Tarnished” will be released on April 17. Thank you for your support. Ilyas Cohen & Anton Yudintsev, Co-Founders Larry Wild Lawrence Wild (January 15, 1923 – November 16, 2004) was an American television director and producer. Wild was born in New York City, the son of Ethel (Strawn) and William H. Wild.


Features Key:

  • Unrivalled Graphics Envisioned in Tarnished, the graphics of Elden Ring are strikingly beautiful. The fight system features in-depth and exciting animations that capture the moments of the story, and having everyone’s name and attribute displayed at the bottom of the screen gives it a visual spectacular style, which simply can’t be replicated by other games.
  • Innovative Expansion to Fantasy Action RPG Innovative in game layouts and animation that were never seen before, Elden Ring grew with the player’s demands and expanded with further increases to experience. From the combat system that combines caution and an impressive fight art, to the pvp system that creates a real thrill of glimmering adrenaline, we put all we had into the creation of this product.

    Vision can be shared even in solitude. Currently being developed, enjoy even more thrilling visual fun by exploring the Lands Between with your friends in a 5-player party.
  • A Lot of Systems in a Simple Interface The game is packed with many elements already.
    Even in the already-produced version, we have succeeded in making the user interface a joy to use.
  • The Evolution of Action RPG Intrigue The action RPG is made famous by its delighting over-the-top action. However, in the previous FFAG games, we have been able to really expand on the variety of action games that had elements of intrigue. The acts recorded in the final draft are even more exciting than the novels. We are continuing to make all sorts of action RPGs in various genres and screen sizes. We can’t stop there either.
  • The Undeniable Fantasy Theme of Creating a New Action Adventurer The fundamentals of action RPG games are already implemented. However, in order to build a game that is equally notable in terms of sense of fun and gameplay, we have been putting a lot of thought into how to make the theme of creating a new action adventure even more interesting.
  • Action RPGs with a Strong Theme Elden Ring is the first and only RPG to draw on the action RPG genre.
    The fact that we are able to launch an environment where action RPG is the most appropriate genre is simply exhilarating.
  • Developer: NAMI</


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    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. PRE-ORDER Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Elden Ring A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. IoAAH Are you enjoying your job? Will your workplace even consider your schedule? “Hello? Do you like your job? Do you like your workplace? Good, because at Riot Games, we know how tough it can be to really like your job sometimes. And that’s why we’ve created the Riot ‘Most Fun Job’ award, which will be awarded to someone who reflects the spirit of our company – having fun while making the best products and having as much fun along the way. So, who do you think should win? I bet you can guess. But we can’t tell you. And we think that’s kind of awesome, actually.” “While it’s true that EA is the most satisfied company in the world, at EA we aren’t satisfied with merely being the most satisfied company. That would be like winning the Hunger Games with 200 million book sales. We want to be the *most favorite* company in the world, and the most respected, and the most influential. Right now. Today.” “We have an enviable culture, and we’re pretty damn sure that even the people in your office can’t match it bff6bb2d33


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    Take control of a character and adventure in your Elden Ring guild to slay monsters in the quest to become a best-rewarded Elden Lord, complete quests to earn ring medals and customize your own doll to be the character you desire. [Fantasmo Review] FANTASMO delivers a brand new fantasy role playing adventure game through gameplay that allows you to fight back evil and slay monsters in your quest to become a best-rewarded world leader. Gameplay Equip your character with the most powerful weapons and armor using the deep customization and new weapon/armor creation function. After that, get ready to take down demon infested denizens and fearsome monsters along with friends from all over the world! Tackle the Monsters The end of the world is about to begin. Eradicator has appeared and monster infested hell is about to erupt. In the recent past, the land known as Elden came to be. But one day, a black mist appeared, and the land was captured by its energy. Up to now, Elden has been engulfed by this black fog. Eradicator is the physical manifestation of this phenomenon. Throughout the eight years of its existence, Eradicator has consumed the entire land. Your duty as an elite of an elite guild, Royal Guard, is to fight Eradicator and to bring this land back to the source. Gather Your Gear Royal Guard’s Elite members consist of classes like the Paladin, Ardan, Berserker, Priest, and Mage. You are able to choose any of them and create your own character. To customize your character, you can click the gear and crafting system, which allows you to learn the skills and craft your gear. Skills and gear development are included in the game. System Requirements * OS: Windows XP or later * Processor: AMD or Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz or faster * RAM: 2GB * Graphics: DirectX 9-compliant graphics card that supports Shader Model 2.0, 256MB of system RAM * Hard Drive: 2GB free disk space * Sound: DirectX 9-compliant sound card that supports DirectSound* * Network: Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass or a broadband internet connection How to use: * Clicking the button in the top left corner takes you back to the game lobby. * Clicking the arrow button on the right corner of the screen rotates through your character creation screen


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