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Never has the world seemed so hollow. Day by day, more buildings fall. One by one. No one knows what happens once they are gone. And yet there is no slowing it down. No news. No social distancing. Your life revolves around chores and work. There is always homework to be done, and that is what keeps you going. Your parents have hired some specialists. They have brought in experts who are studying the building decay. But there is something strange about this land. Perhaps it is the hallucinations of a dying brain, but things look different. And then the world begins to appear like a movie. “What are we meant to do,” you ask yourself, “Why are we here?” About The Game Anemoiapolis: Chapter 2: As if the world has been condemned for being overpopulated, no one is creating more building. Some say that this is a sickness. The scientists say that it is only a fix. The last of your neighbors has decided to go underground, to the underground malls. The halls stretch on forever, the fluorescent lights keep lighting the way. And life is still humming. The radiation levels are so high, few are allowed in. Some got sick and have to be sent underground. But you are not one of those. You are about to meet your new neighbors. ABOUT 4REST 4REST is a singer-songwriter living in the Midwest, where he grows sour cherry trees, watches films, and contemplates existentialism. ABOUT JORDANN Jordann is a science-fiction composer and songwriter based in the Midwest, who used to work as a mathematician and used to play guitar. In the future, he eats a lot of puns. Some titles he’s been involved in: * 2018: Rhombus Academy * 2019: My Underwhelming Study Journal * 2019: Steaming Woman-Man * 2019: Dog Music * 2019: G. Klos * 2020: Abyss * 2020: 4/21/21 * 2020: Exodus * 2020: Conspiracies * 2020: A Different Hole * 2020: The Coming of Age, the Madness of Thoreau, and the Puritanical Snowman * 2020: Friday Friday Friday * 2020: Time Travel Adventures with the Fate of the Universe on the Line * 2020: Giving Up on Clarity * 2020: Assaggio on the Skylight Episode 666


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Ah, Love! Game system requirements:

  • Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • How to Install: You need to unzip the game and copy the entire directory. You should use WINRAR. Then, run the game “Ah, Love!”
  • Title: Frauen’ – Die Liebe,
  • Developer: Core Design S.L.


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