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* Data is not sent in real time, it’s a series of single-byte packets each sent at their own time, and you have to capture them before they reach their target. * Also, there are viruses. * For a better feel of the game, please do not check on the data you upload. Additional: * Dismantling of viruses – some of them are just to disrupt network security, while others are more harmful – they have to be destroyed. * Various improvements – enemies, AI, animations, etc. * Also new dataflow scenarios that weren’t in the original release – the ability to link e-mails is the main change. * Several bugfixes. And much more! HOW TO PLAY The game starts with a familiar story of e-mails. First you get an order and then you get the client. This time he is more powerful, more dangerous and more treacherous. For you to start, he sends you orders through e-mails. If there is a virus on the e-mail – your system will go off line. The Network Monitor has to eliminate the viruses, so try not to be too upset if your system or network is going off line, because if you send good emails the virus’es can be killed and you can add more points. The game is designed on the principle of the RTS, which means that you send orders to your operators one by one. To pass the level, you must kill all viruses. In case, the viruses hit your system – you get a “crash” animation. You can see your computer go off line, as well as see the emails you are sending to your clients. Control the network dataflow! Your task is to pass as many data packets as possible and to destroy all viruses. But this isn’t so easy, because your system could become overloaded or infected. You can (and should) buy various upgrades to beat hard levels (like DDOS level). Pass data packets, catch e-mails and bonuses, destroy spam and viruses! Earn points and buy upgrades! Show the full skill of your reaction to take first places in the on-line highscore table! Features: 12 levels of increasing difficulty; 5 types of enemies which become challenging in mixed groups; 10 possible upgrades to make things easier; Unlock


Features Key:

  • Include music files for 5 ensemble structures, 1 in arrangement1.
  • All music files are in MP3 format, optimized for the MZ functions.

  • Each file is automatically registered to the data base when you press “Music” button
  • You can use the default or your own music output settings
  • Takes several seconds
About website:
  • Hiroki Kikuta Media: www.dm1.co.jp/music/hikikuta/
  • RPG Maker VX1 version note: MZ music expansion pack was playable in version V1.02.
Explanation of music files: Music files are divided into ensemble and solo parts. You can play any one of these files. Each music file has its own musical setting and you can choose any one of them before you play. RULES:
  • In the “Ensemble” box, you can choose any one out of five ensembles.
    • You can choose any one of these out of five ensemble structures
    • You can create and edit your own
  • Solo
    • You can choose an open (symmetrical) or closed (asymmetrical) key
    • You can create and edit your own using the “Solo” button
  • Arrangement
    • You can choose the music direction, whether to make the beginning with a soft theme, or whether to begin with a sharp cue (inversion)
    • You can create and edit your own using the “Arrangement” button


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    What’s new in Drox Operative:

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  • In order to start the installation of The Take from the Windows CD/DVD, first insert the CD/DVD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive, then restart the computer. When prompted to select a language during the installation process, select English.
  • The Setup Wizard will start once you restart the computer
  • The first screen of the Setup Wizard is the Welcome to The Take screen.
  • Click Next
  • The Setup Wizard will begin The Take’s installation process. Once all the installation process is completed,
  • Restart your computer
  • Open your browser of choice & hit enter to download the final version of The Take for your computer. Once the download is complete,
  • Unzip The Take installation files by right clicking on the downloaded folder & then choose “Extract All”
  • Double-click on the unzipped folder to access its contents, once The Take is installed, select the The Take icon from your desktop to access the application.
  • Now that The Take has been installed and launched, you should now proceed with our guide on how to install/activate your key for the The Take to access full access to the game.
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System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7 SP1 Windows 10 / Windows 7 SP1 Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor RAM: 2 GB RAM 2 GB RAM Graphics: 1 GB DirectX 11 video card 1 GB DirectX 11 video card Hard Drive: 8 GB available space 8 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9 sound card that supports 96KHz sampling rate DirectX 9 sound card that supports 96KHz sampling rate DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Microsoft



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