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History AutoCAD was originally developed in the mid-1980s by a group of engineering students from the University of California, Berkeley as a home project. It was first released in December 1982. AutoCAD is a leading application for vector graphics creation and drafting of engineering designs. Originally intended for engineering use only, it has since been used to draft automobile designs and in other industries. AutoCAD has been used in the construction industry for house designs, building blueprints and architecture for more than 25 years. AutoCAD’s high flexibility allows it to be used for both commercial and personal use. The latest version of AutoCAD is version 2014, which includes support for the following: User Interface AutoCAD currently comes in two versions: AutoCAD LT for Windows, and AutoCAD for Mac OS. Both versions are native applications that run in full screen. AutoCAD LT for Windows requires a Microsoft Windows operating system, while AutoCAD for Mac OS requires a Mac operating system. Autodesk AutoCAD also includes a free cloud-based version of AutoCAD Web App that may be installed on a device such as a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The user interface of AutoCAD includes the drawing toolbar with the tools to create lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, and more, a ribbon toolbar, and the drawing workspace. Tools Lines, arcs, circles, and squares The Line, Arc, Circle, and Square toolbars contain the tools to create lines, arcs, circles, and squares. The Line tool creates a straight line, and the Arc, Circle, and Square tools create an arc, circle, or square. The Line tool features a “quick points” feature to create a freehand line in three steps. The Line tool also has several unique tool settings, such as the ability to specify a length and direction of the line. The Arc tool has the ability to control direction by specifying whether the arc is clockwise or counterclockwise. The Arc tool allows the user to specify how to connect the first two points of the arc. The Arc tool also has several unique tool settings, including the ability to control the size and shape of the arc and the amount of parallelism. The Circle tool allows the user to control the direction, shape, and size of the circle. The Square tool allows the user to create a square with no corners, a corner or 90° corner

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AutoCAD Crack Keygen 2D Slices The AutoCAD Crack 2D Slices is a customization application released in AutoCAD LT 2008. It allows the user to specify multiple path curves to customize the viewport display. In the past, there were multiple slicer tools, but they were subsequently integrated into the 2D Slices which was released with AutoCAD LT 2008. Markups Markups provides several tools that make the creation of a drawing more efficient. The Markups menu contains several tools: Markup Editing, Markup Saving, Markup Display, Sealing, Verifying and Markup Viewing. The Edit Markup and Markup View tools contain a new “Markup Manager” feature which provides an easy way to review markups. Markup Viewing allows the user to open and close the markup, and an add-in for Autodesk 3D. The menu Markup Display contains the “Print Layout” tool which allows a user to print, copy, or export a section of the drawing. The Markup Saving tool allows the user to save all, or selected, markups. Markup Saving offers several choices, including bookmarking all markups, save only one of each type, save all selectable, save any path, save only one of each path type, and to save only marker tags. Markups can be saved to BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF or PDF file formats. The Markup Editing tool allows the user to edit the text contained in a markup. The Sealing tool allows the user to select areas and paths to be sealed or printed. The Markup Saved View is the primary interface to Markup Manager. The Markup Saved View allows the user to save all the markups of a drawing. Markup Viewing is a tool which allows a user to display all selected marks in a drawing. In 2004, Markups was enhanced with the inclusion of “Markup Manager”. Markup Manager provides a way for users to organize, identify and manage the markups created in AutoCAD. This was a first for any program in the AutoCAD series. There is also a Markup Calculator tool which is a Web browser application for adding, modifying, and deleting marks based on a drawing’s attributes. It can also display and analyze geometrical, topological, and other attributes of the drawing. A tool known as Markup Viewer was added ca3bfb1094

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Activation will be initiated automatically on next launch of the application. For the script to work properly, the program files folder must be set to be “read-only” or not have write permissions for anyone but the “Administrators” group. For example, to set permissions for “Program Files” to be read-only (for Windows 2000): a) Open the Control Panel b) Double-click “System” c) Double-click “Computer”, and then double-click “Properties” d) Double-click the “System” tab e) Select “Advanced” f) Double-click “Settings” g) Select “Security” h) Click “User Access” i) Click the “Edit” button for “Profile” j) Click the “Change” button for “User names” k) Click the “Apply” button l) Click “OK” m) Click the “Computer” tab n) Click “Properties” o) Click “Advanced” p) Click the “System Properties” tab q) Double-click “Advanced” r) Click “Settings” s) Click “Security” t) Click the “Edit” button for “User names” u) Click the “Apply” button v) Click the “OK” button w) Open “Program Files” folder and double-click “Autodesk Autocad” x) Click “Yes” to allow the script to change the read/write permissions y) Click “OK” (Optional) Open the Registry Editor (Start > Run > type “regedit” and press Enter) z) Edit the registry key, “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD” as described in the registry editing wizard aa) Double-click “CurrentVersion” bb) Double-click “LocalMachine” cc) Click “Find” dd) Click “Reg_dword” ee) For each “Value Data” in the “Value Data: field” with the following

What’s New in the?

Paper engineering: Take advantage of the new paper engineering feature in AutoCAD to create blueprint-style models. While previous versions of AutoCAD allowed engineers to work with blueprint-style drawings, many end users found these files to be poorly organized and challenging to work with. New in AutoCAD 2023, AutoCAD Paper Engineering allows you to import blueprint-style drawings into a new feature called AutoCAD Paper Design. Unlike AutoCAD Blueprint, this feature displays a blueprint of the drawing, which is useful for complex drawings. Paper Design is a combination of AutoCAD Paper Engineering and AutoCAD Design. It lets you create layouts of your design on the fly, which lets you visualize your overall design. Paper Design also lets you use simple or complex texturing and lighting to represent your design. When you’re finished, you can easily export AutoCAD Paper Design files to a set of supporting formats, such as PDF, JPG, and BMP. With Paper Design, you can share a link to your blueprint-style design on the Web. You can also use the Paper Design feature to interactively create, view, and modify your blueprint-style models, similar to how you’d work with AutoCAD Structural. Add and Change Icons: Customize your drawings to meet your style preferences, without having to redraw everything from scratch. You can change the icons in your drawings by opening the Icons window. You can add or delete icons, edit icons, and set the type of icon to be displayed. AutoCAD 2018 started with an improved system for organizing icons. But since then, you may have noticed some icons are missing. To add a missing icon, just right-click the icon and choose Pin to Icons. You can also delete missing icons from the Icons window. Drawing Navigation Shortcuts: Add drawings to your favorites without having to open them, and navigate from one drawing to another with just a few keystrokes. You can navigate to drawings in your favorites in three ways: Open a favorite from the navigation bar. Open a favorite by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1. Go directly to a favorite by using the keyboard shortcut Alt+1. Using the shortcuts, you can open drawings in your favorites without having to open them. If you’re not sure where a favorite is located

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz/AMD Athlon II X4 620 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Storage: 3 GB free space Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 5750 DirectX: Version 11 Additional Notes: Internet access is needed in order to activate the download. In-game servers are supported, and are

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