How to Start an Instagram Blog in 8 Steps

Simply invite people to post their own pictures and tag them in the caption using a hashtag, like BuzzFeed Tasty does below. For example, you might say, “double-tap if you find this funny” or “share your story in the comments.” You might be asking yourself at this point, “But aren’t timeliness and chronology important on Instagram?” They can be, depending on the subject of your post. For example, professional Instagrammer Patrick Janelle says he uses Instagram as a kind of chronological journey of his activities and lifestyle.

Consider including the contest’s official rules in your caption for folks who are interested, and even a link in your bio. Read more about buy instagram likes here. You can either search for a specific place, or you can click into a geotag on an existing photo. You can access your direct messages at any time by clicking the mailbox icon at the top right of your homepage. You can either send a new photo to friends, or send a photo that you or someone else has already posted. If you see sponsored posts you don’t find relevant, though, you can let Instagram know and slowly teach its algorithm what you like and don’t like to see. Tapping this option will automatically turn the post into an Instagram Story, which you can edit and design to your liking the same way you would any other Instagram Story.

Also, after you end your live session you have the option to save that video into an IGTV. Product/service highlights – discuss what pain points your product solves, what makes your product different, and how you came up with the idea. Try to get creative with how you show your product or service. Share insights – things you discovered and want to share with your Instagram community.

Now that you know how to write good Instagram captions, don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different techniques until you find the most powerful one for your audience. See how your followers react to different lengths of captions.

The more creative you are with the captions, the more people would engage with the pins. The more engagements your pin receives, the more referral clicks you drive to your Instagram account. Compared to a year or two ago, growing Instagram followers isn’t as easy as it used to be. With Instagram improving its algorithm and the increasing competition amongst brands, you would need effective strategies to grow on Instagram.

Tap on the Send button on the keyboard to insert the image in the story. Get the shared post to the Instagram story preview screen. First, you must find out who your target audience is – consider your brand, what type of photography you specialize in, and who your customers tend to be.

Customers often seek social proof before making a purchase, and user-generated content can make them more confident about buying your products. Gap is one of the first companies that tried shopping stickers. The company added a shopping sticker so users could see details about the product. When people make purchase decisions, most trust their friends’ recommendations.

These photos look so commonplace and impersonal that people often scroll them. Once you’ve found a perfect micro-influencer who meets your needs, it’s time to offer a collaboration to attract your target audience in a genuine way. 58 awesome, foolproof ways to get more followers on Instagram. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these and if they helped you get more Instagram followers.

However, if you want to present your viewer with a more interesting image, try shooting from various different angles to see what shots give the best perspective. Let’s work together to help small businesses sell online. Learn more about our partnership options for companies of any size and industry. I also tend to get accused of “always being in my pictures”…..well….yes, no shit I’m always in my pictures, they’re MY pictures, but I don’t get in them because I like to see my own face. In fact, the majority of the pictures I’m actually in, you’ll only see the back of my head, or hat.

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