Moissanite Wedding ceremony Rings

As mens wedding ceremony rings turn into more and more in style mens moissanite wedding ceremony rings grow to be standard at an even faster rate. Wedding rings for men are here to remain and so are mens moissanite marriage ceremony rings.

What’s moissanite I hear you ask? Moissanite is the newest jewelry stone which is taking the jewelry industry by storm. And whilst moissanite is fashionable amongst the ladies, mens moissanite wedding rings are taking off.

Moissanite is a naturally occurring crystal, or jewel, which was only discovered in 1893. It was originally found in tiny quantities in a meteorite which had fallen within the Arizona desert. It was discovered by doctor Henry Moissan, after whom it was named.

It exhibits most of the qualities of diamonds and looks an identical to diamonds to all but a few of probably the most skilled jewellers. So identical in actual fact that sohisticated equipment is required to differentiate it from diamonds. Moissanite even outperforms diamonds in most of the natural qualities for which diamonds are so renowned. Most importantly, it is far cheaper.

Moissanite is second only to diamond in hardness, and is harder than every other jewel. It does not scratch, fade or change color. It has more brilliance than diamonds or some other fashionable gemstone.

It occurs naturally on earth however only in tiny quantities so it was not until the late twentieth century that it turned available in sufficient quantities for jewelry making. This adopted extensive research on moissanite and the discovery of a reliable methodology of making it in a lab to very high quality.

Whilst a new jewel in its own right it was immediately compared to diamonds as a result of it’s high quality and much lower price. Now moissanite engagement rings are a hit amongst ladies, and mens moissanite wedding rings are following fast.

As a man does not typically wear an engagement ring his marriage ceremony ring may be the only piece of jewelry that he wears so mens moissanite wedding ceremony rings are designed to catch the eye, unlike womens wedding rings which are designed to complement the engagement ring rather than detract from it.

Many mens moissanite wedding ceremony rings are sometimes set in either gold or two tone white gold/yellow gold. As moissanite is less expensive than diamonds he has a selection of more stones and bigger ones, so usually buys a hoop with 2, three, four or more stones in it. Moissanite shouldn’t be graded in carat (karat) weight exactly like diamonds however it’s comparable diamond carat value is often offered so that buyers can see precisely how a lot stone they are getting for their cash compared to purchasing a diamond.

For instance it is very doable to buy mens moissanite wedding rings with a number of moissanite stones of 3 to five mm diameter of someplace round 1.5 carats (diamond equivalent weight) for round $500 – $800. Or a single moissanite stone of 7 to eight mm diameter.

Evaluate that price to purchasing the same ring with equivalent diamonds and also you will be very pleasantly surprised. And your ring will look just as good, or better, than the equivalent diamond ring. And often the modern man understands that money spent on the start of the relationship is cash that’s not available in a while when the vital things, like kids and a house, arrive.

So males, for those who really want a wedding ring that shows off exactly who you might be with model and sparkle, but don’t want to spend a lot cash on it that it makes you uncomfortable, then a mens moissanite wedding ring has to be considered.

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