How to Monetize a Travel Instagram Account

Creator Shops appear in a similar format to a brand’s own Shop with a few key differences. Its products are denoted with the “eligible for commission” label. Before you get started on any of the monetization opportunities listed here, you need to turn your account into a Professional one. Professional Accounts are either Business or Creator Accounts. Switching your account to this type allows you access to features like the Professional Dashboard and Insights.

Then ensure to link to your IG account in order to drive your audience there. “You dont need to be a celebrity to monetize your instagram account”The answer to this question is a resounding yes! For example, if you have a pet Instagram account with thousands of followers, you have a great potential for earning. You can offer creative posts and videos to the companies selling pet care products for a charge.

Read more about buy real instagram likes here. Anthony Danielle joined Instagram two weeks after it launched with no intention of becoming an Instagram influencer. He started out photographing random people with no regard for their clothing. Then, as his focus shifted to fashion, that’s when brands started reaching out, he told Fortune.

These videos give Sassy’s attentive IG followers tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle with movement, breathwork, and food. She positions herself as an expert who practices what she preaches with high-quality content. Hootsuite makes it a lot easier with all the growth tools you need from content planning, scheduling, posting, and analytics to connecting with your audience and a lot more.

You need to be able to convert your followers into customers. Another great way to monetize a social media following is to promote brands that you love by linking to their affiliate programs. Encourage customers to share their images of your products. It boosts brand awareness as well as increase engagement. Keeping other things aside, you can surely try one thing first, and that is affiliate marketing.

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