What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A latest research shows that sleepers who add a weighted blanket to their sleep routine expertise reduced stress and calmness. Research also suggests that weighted blankets assist sleepers with anxiety, autism, and insomnia among different conditions. A weighted blanket is specifically used to alleviate sleep and decrease anxiety.

Let’s find out what’s a weighted blanket and dive into the world of weighted blankets in our detailed blog.

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a heavy sheet designed to alleviate stress and create a sense of calm for a sleeper. The popularity of weighted blankets has grown widely in the last yr, thanks to the therapeutic benefits it provides to sleepers.

Let us now understand the science behind weighted blankets.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Mary Temple Grandin, an American scientist, first discovered deep pressure therapy to reduce anxiousness in children on the autistic spectrum. She wanted something which didn’t feel restricted to children, and she came up with a Hug machine that exerted light pressure on the body. She noticed a launch of oxytocin in her patients.

It is the place weighted blankets came into consideration. They apply light pressure on the body to launch oxytocin, similar to a Hug Machine. Weighted blankets work like a hug, using a way called deep pressure stimulation (DPS) to make the sleeper really feel more secure. Weighted blankets improve dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These are really feel-good chemical compounds that cause the sleeper to expertise a sense of calm, happiness, and well-being.

Our next part covers the weighted blanket benefits in detail.

What Are the Benefits of Weighted Blanket?

Deep pressure remedy in a weighted blanket for anxiety and insomnia comes from having the blanket wrapped across the body, and therefore they provide many benefits. Weighted blanket benefits for adults embody elevated Serotonin level, a reduction in coronary heart rate, and far more.

Creates a chilled impact: Many people have said a weighted blanket provides calming feel. Subsequently, it is helpful for individuals undergoing anxiety or a disorder making them hyperactive.

Improves daytime social interactions: It helps in socializing and engaging in interactions as has been stated in this study.

Will increase Serotonin: Serotonin helps with the sleep-wake cycle and deep pressure touch has resulted within the stimulation of serotonin

Reduces Relaxationless Leg Syndrome: This syndrome causes involuntary and speedy leg movements. A weighted blanket helps in reducing this problem.

Reduces Heart Rate: Contact remedy has been found to reduce heart rate, and a weighted blanket promotes contact therapy.

Reduces Panic issues, particularly in adults: Weighted blankets are helpful in reducing panic disorder and anxiety.

Increases the sense of security: When a weighted blanket is put around, it increases the sense of security in a person when it is wrapped around to create a swaddling impact

Helps in reducing OCD: Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is linked with low-serotonin level, and a weighted blanket as already mentioned leads to extend in serotonin levels.

Relieves the signs throughout menopause: A weighted blanket is useful in reducing sleep disruptions, nervousness, and depression.

Improves the overall temper of sleeper: Weighted blankets lead to extend in the really feel-good hormone named oxytocin which leads to improvement in mood.

Improves sleep: Utilizing a weighted blanket leads to an total improvement in sleep quality

Who Can Benefit From a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets, also referred to as gravity blankets, are helpful for individuals suffering from various medical issues, sleep anxiety being the commonest among them. A current study concluded that a weighted blanket reduces sleep anxiety in 63 percent of sleepers. Weighted blankets are useful for sleepers affected by any of the signs listed below.


Research has shown that deep pressure stimulation utilized by weighted blankets can help reduce autonomic arousal. It is chargeable for the signs of anxiety, resembling elevated heart rate. Check out our guide on anxiety blankets for more details.


A latest examine showed that the weighted blanket helped reduce the number of nighttime awakenings in participants.


A latest examine demonstrated that weighted blankets helped in ADHD remedy to improve attention and reduce hyperactive movements.


Weighted blankets additionally assist in relieving signs for individuals with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

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