Anthony Joshua launches wild rant after losing heavyweight bout to Oleksandr Usyk

Read more about buy followers instagram here. However, discussions about the potential bout have been halted. “The big fights, the crowd that adores you, singing your name, chanting your name, stopping you in the street, that’s what draws people back in.” “If you’re an elite-level fighter like Fury and are very realistically capable of being without doubt the best man in the world, I would say do the fight, do the fight now. And if I’m not fighting Tyson Fury, I’m not fighting at all,” Usyk told the crowd through a ringside interpreter.

This rematch was pushed back several months after Usyk took arms to fight with his countrymen due to the ongoing war between Russia and his home country. In arguably the biggest fight of 2022, both men came in with a high degree of motivation. Obviously Joshua was aiming to reclaim his belts for the second time. The second thing is that Joshua has always had problems with people coming in under the level of his jab- whether that jab actually connects or not, opponents following it in low have often found him discomfited.

I’ve got him winning this one by seven rounds to four, with a round as well. The undefeated Ukrainian neutralised the bigger fighter to make history. “Anthony Joshua rematch clause ‘activated in principle’ as Oleksandr Usyk pushes for Kiev fight venue”. The undercard was televised for a 30 minute Freeview on Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports Boxing YouTube. The main event was televised live on Sky Sports Box Office PPV in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as MEGOGO in Ukraine.

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Oleksandr Usyk upset Anthony Joshua last September in London, winning a clear and deserved decision at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The rematch probably would have come in the spring, but after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, everything was put on hold. “To all these suitors out there who want to make the fight, I’m going to give you all seven days until the 1st of September to come up with the money,” Fury said in a video posted on social media.

But as far as the weigh-in, he is built like a Greek God, so there was never a doubt if he was going to be in shape or not. How heavy is indeed the question for Joshua, which will dictate how much he moves, and when he hit the scales, the Brit came in at 244 lbs. With both men looking to be in tremendous shape, the question was whether the unified champ had put on more weight for this much-anticipated rematch. One thing about Usyk is that he is all smiles leading up to the fight, but when the weigh-in occurs, the switch is flipped, and he locks in. This morning was no different as he came in at a lean and mean 221 lbs.

He needs to attack Usyk’s body to offset his rythm, pick his offensive periods correctly, and apply calculated pressure whilst moving with Usyk, not away from him . As mentioned, Joshua has a three-inch height advantage and a four-inch reach advantage, and he must take maximum advantage of these benefits to be successful. Much like his country’s greatest athletes in Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, Usyk answered the call to arms. After a month of fighting for his country’s life, he left to start his training camp for this fight.

Usyk finishes the fight in style with Anthony Joshua barely holding himself together. He couldn’t stand well and Usyk finished the round with the same energy he started with. So many muscles can get any fighter extremely tired very quickly.

But one still must wonder if he believes he can beat Usyk, and if he can say with any type of certainty what his best tactic will be. What Garcia and all his fighters have in common is an approach of nonstop pace that aims to break their opponents physically and mentally. Coincidentally, Garcia has never coached a heavyweight champion and recently told the media that he hoped to fill this void on his resume by working with Joshua. Let us see what’s in store for everybody as Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk get ready for the fight of their lives. It’s pretty much a guaranteed spectacle for all boxing fans around the world. Even Tyson Fury himself will bee wathing, just in case he makes the decision to unretire and fight the winner of tonight’s event.

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