How do esports players make money?

Another great way professional gamers can earn money is through sponsorships. Just as traditional sports leagues and athletes earn money through paid sponsors, eSports is no different. He came out of nowhere and joined OG just before The International 2018, but still managed to win the biggest esports tournament in history.

“I was literally winning everything before the quarantine, and I was literally the best [“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”] player … There was no player that could beat me consistently.” Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez of Echo Fox celebrates after winning the Super Smash Bros.

The game is also one of the highest paying Esports games to its players. The game’s current top players like Faker, Duke, and Bengi are consistently making over $1 million a year. This isn’t even to account for sponsorships, team bonuses, and streaming revenue, which could easily double if not triple these profits.

Again the players with high wages are the ones playing the most popular games. The game you have chosen to play professionally may not have enough prestige to offer this much prize money. Plus most of the tournaments that are awarding this much money are team-based and not individual. A majority of that money can be broken up into individual categories such a streaming, sponsorships, prize winnings, and salary. It depends on their skill level, the game played, and whether streaming is used.

You need someone with experience with the corporate world to make the entire operation viable. Still, Moist Esports has shown that there are some benefits to having a popular content creator running the team. Instead, I’ll be focusing on one particular esports team that made its debut in this tournament and, if successful, might reshape the future of the industry. “You can’t make money out of esports—there are only a few teams who make money out of esports,” Yassine Jaada, Paris Saint-Germain’s chief gaming officer, told ONE37pm. One of the biggest issues with online gameplay is matching users of similar skillsets to each other. No one wants to get thrown into a match with a professional eSports player when they barely know what they’re doing.

I think it’s more about streamers and professional gamers,” Jaada said. These brands are beginning to understand the eSports industry and the scope it presents for sponsoring teams and players, as well as live events with audiences set to rival traditional sports. Two years ago, Perez won the largest “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” tournament ever held, at the 2019 Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas, taking home a prize of more than $21,000. The highest paid professional video game players overwhelmingly play Dota 2. Matumbaman’s highest earning year was in 2017 when he earned more than $2 million! Lasse “Matumbaman Urpalainen has grossed over $3.5 million throughout of 61 tournaments.

Read more about buy youtube subscribers here. Being completely realistic, you’ll likely have better luck pursuing a career as a non-competitive streamer. That way, people will still enjoy watching you even if you’re not the absolute best. Forget major gaming sites like IGN for now, and ignore startups that have no readership. If you don’t have any past work to provide, consider volunteer writing for smaller sites first.

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