When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram for Maximum Engagement?

This will inspire you and give a clearer image of what to do with your content strategy. Follow some of your followers who post content that you’d like to see in your home feed. Give likes on your followers’ content, and leave thoughtful comments on their photos as well. You’ve probably seen several examples of automated bot accounts leaving completely irrelevant comments on your posts before, and you know how annoying they are. They’ll also mass follow people, then unfollow you a few days later. Instagram is now one of the largest social media platforms with more than 1.2 billion active users.

Video is often cited as the be-all, end-all of social content. Below is a simplified breakdown of how Instagram ranks Reels. Keep in mind that these aren’t the only variables involved in whether your followers see your Reel or Post. While the inner workings of the algorithm might feel like a big secret, the ranking factors related to Instagram reach aren’t anymore. And despite not being shiny and new, Posts aren’t going anywhere for brands or creators.

The Instagram algorithm affects everyone who uses the platform — especially brands. Learn all the latest ranking factors here and find out how to get your content seen. I was surprised to learn how many “Insta-lurkers” are out there. Meaning, people who use Instagram every day yet never like or comment on anything. Their reasons ranged from “never thought about it” to “not wanting people to know I’m on Instagram all day”. So, consider there is a portion of people who always see your pics who will never engage but may actually enjoy your content.

Your posts need to provide value for your followers, so be intentional before hitting send. Try to use social listening to discover what content matters to your audience and shape your posts around that. While this measure by Instagram may not apply in non-election years, this year’s election cycle is having a real impact on the number of users seeing content on a daily basis. With fewer active users to see posts on Instagram, it can mean less engagement overall. While this may not have an impact on large brands, any drop in daily users in a short period of time can certainly play a role, regardless.

Find more details on the latest Instagram feed viewing options here. These signals help the Instagram algorithm determine the relevance and popularity of a post. Knowing how the Instagram algorithm works and optimizing your content accordingly can lead to Instagram displaying your posts to more users.

According to Instagram these types of content are the most popular and engaging for the audience. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Plus, as soon as your Reels appear on the explore page they get 2 times the space of a regular post, making them a major growth driver. So by now, you know that to get more followers on Instagram, you need to know your audience, engage with them, and create compelling content. The thing is, you’re probably managing more than one social media account for your business, and the more followers you get, the harder it can be to scale your strategy.

Every brand, including yours, caters to a unique target audience with unique preferences and social media behavioral patterns. So your “golden” post time on IG might not work for a different brand. Building a solid Instagram following requires compelling and relevant content. But if you don’t post your content at the right time, your followers won’t see it or engage with it. Not only likes and comments but saves, shares, direct messages, and turn on post notifications – Instagram is tracking all of it.

Using popular hashtags helps your photo be seen by more people, which is an easy way to rack up a large number of likes on your photos. Remember that they’re not always high-quality likes, but if you’re just looking for a way to boost your account’s credibility, this is a good way to go. One of the key features of the best Instagram accounts, they’re social, and they have a consistent engagement which helps to increase followers and likes. If you’re not including a lot of Reels in your Instagram strategy, then you should definitely start.

They have almost no value, and any they have is only temporary and visible exclusively in numbers. In particular, bought followers don’t present any value when it comes to engagement , because most often those are only fake accounts. As such practices won’t have any positive effect on your Instagram presence, we wholeheartedly recommend avoiding them. We don’t recommend deleting any content published on your profile.

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