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yes, i had my time with the dating app. and i probably found about 8 people on there but it was a nice experience. especially when you figure in the fact that i live in new york, most populous city in the world, and there are more potential men in the area than i could ever have time to meet! over the course of a few days, i decided the best path for me to take was to use datingnearme to see who was close enough and then set up a meet up. once i decided to go through with a date, the app paired me with the perfect candidate. i’ve hooked up with more than 15 guys using datingnearme and it’s been nothing but a good time.

while it’s impossible to say that one dating app is better than another, having a large selection of options is a good thing to have in your arsenal. i’ve tried jswipe (opens in new tab), okcupid, tinder and more and i found myself gravitating towards different types of dating apps at different points in my life.

if you’re at all interested in giving online dating a try, or you’re just looking to try a different site from the ones above, go ahead and pick something that speaks to you the best. here are my 7 tips for the best online dating apps for a little help getting you started.

love, in all its forms, is a wonderful, powerful force. it can be harmful, though, like a chemotherapy drug that might be needed to treat some cancers, but it can also be a cure for others. everyone has different issues that are affecting their ability to be in a healthy and happy relationship, which is why you have to figure out what kind of love you’re looking for. try these apps before trying to hitchhike your way out of a relationship.

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