Quick and Easy Horse Racing Handicapping Systems

In case you are looking for a quick and simple way to handicap a horse race here is a technique that makes sense of main factors. After all, comparing the horses to determine which horse is the very best, second best, and so forth is just part of the problem if you happen to’re looking for good bets. The second part of the process of finding a good bet or even perhaps the very best guess of the day is to observe the chances and shop for value. You can’t decide worth, nevertheless, without knowing which horse has been racing towards the very best and which horse has been running the fastest.

Due to this fact, start with class and determine which horse has been in the hardest races. The better the competition, the higher the purse, as a common rule. Just reading the purse values within the runner’s last races isn’t enough because you additionally must know how well every horse ran. As an illustration, if horse A. wins a $5,000 claiming race and horse B. runs dead last in a $7,500 race, which one is really the classier horse? Probably the higher of the two is horse A. Horse A. additionally earned more money in that race and that is the key, so divide the total amount of money every horse has earned by the number of races it ran. Now you have got a greenback determine that represents class for every runner. Make a list of the horses from best to worst and give a point for the perfect, two factors for second best, etc. right from the classiest to the horse with the least class.

Subsequent we’ll deal with speed. Start with the horse with the fastest time in its last race and make a list from the fastest to the slowest. Speed figures work finest for that. As soon as again assign one point for the fastest, factors for the second fastest all of the way to the top of the list. The subsequent speed calculation is a little more difficult. Use the final three races and select the top speed figures. So if a horse had a 78, 89, fifty four, you’ll add 78 and 89 together. Now divide by two. For instance, 78 + 89 = 167/2 = 83.5. 83.5 is that horse’s common speed. Make a list and as soon as once more assign one point to the fastest, points to the second fastest and so forth.

You now have three lists with numbers from 1 to whatever number of horses you have got within the race. Add each runner’s number from each list. For instance, if horse A. had a 1 within the first column, a three within the second column and a 2 within the third column it would have a total score of 6. You might be ready to make your fourth and last column utilizing the total score. Now examine their scores to the precise odds to find the horse that is the finest at the very best odds.

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