Rubber Stamps – The Distinction Between Wood-Mounted And Un-Mounted

Rubber stamps are available in forms – mounted and unmounted – and unmounted rubber stamps, either consists of just the die, or the die already adhered to the cushion. In this article, we will look at each type of rubber stamp and how it’s used.

A wood-mounted rubber stamp has three-different parts – the die, the cushion and the block

The blocks for mounted stamps are traditionally made of wood. The wood is typically formed – making it simpler to grip. You may often find a duplicate of the stamp image on the block itself which makes it simple to determine what the image on your stamp is.

It’s pretty common that as you’re stamping, the wood block will get stained with ink. While it affects the outward look of the stamp, it does not have an effect on how it works at all. If that bothers you then you possibly can protect the wood by painting it with a coat of clear varnish.

The cushion sits in the middle of the stamp – and is the padding between the block and the die. The purpose of the cushion is to assist distribute the pressure as you stamp, helping to make sure a clear and constant image. Sometimes with use or over time it’s possible you’ll discover the cushion start to return loose from the stamp – this is well repaired with glue.

The die is what comprises the actual image and it is made from rubber. A die that has good depth – in other words, the distance between the raised portion – which is the image – and the flat portion, will help guarantee clearly stamped images.

Wood-mounted stamps are typically sold either individually or in sets, and in two different ways. You can buy them already assembled – with the rubber mounted onto a cushion, after which mounted onto a block. Or, some companies, comparable to Stampin’ Up!, sell them un-assembled – the block, image sticker and rubber die come separately.

Unmounted stamps are simply the die part of the stamp.

They are sold in quite a lot of different ways. First off, you should purchase just the die, or the die mounted to a cling foam cushion.

In addition, you should purchase unmounted rubber stamps both cut and un-cut – which merely refers as to if or not the rubber is trimmed close to the raised image or not.

Wood-mounted stamps are essentially ready to make use of – all you need is your ink and your paper and you might be ready to stamp. With unmounted stamps you could have an acrylic block with a view to achieve your finest stamped results.

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