Hydrotherapy: A Method to Reduce Chronic Pain

Watsu is a natural type of Japanese water therapy, also known as hydrotherapy. It involves deep massages, stretching exercises and even acupressure with warm, mineral water. Watsu is also taken from the words water and shiatsu. While there are many variations on this subject of alternative medicine, the aim remains the same.

Watsu was developed to treat joint pain, muscle tension and arthritis, juvenile arthritis. It also treats tension, stress and tendonitis as well as tendon rupture. Watsu can promote overall healing by applying gentle pressure to certain parts of the body. Many practitioners believe that it can improve the overall health of a person as well as stop or even treat certain diseases by combining different methods like therapeutic massage. This type of hydrotherapy is provided by many health spas as well as other establishments as part their rehabilitation programs. This has increased awareness of this method and also draw more patients to these types of facilities.

One of the most frequent conditions treated in a rehabilitation clinic includes patients suffering from chronic pain or bodily ailments. Joint pain, back pain migraines, and back pain are only some of the conditions that can be treated with this kind of therapy. Chinese medicine was once a preferred option for pain treatment. Therapists are using more Western methods of pain management to offer more complete pain relief. Many of these practices emphasize Watsu movements to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety.

Watsu is based on specific movements to ease pain. These exercises create a balance between tension and relaxation. Through these types of exercises, the body’s less tense and muscles begin to relax. Since muscle relaxation is crucial to reduce pain, the movement also works to alleviate tension in the muscles. Over time the body will be more tolerant to the effects of stress, allowing it to function at its fullest capacity.

One of the most prevalent ailments treated with Watsu is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can be described as widespread muscle pain and tenderness. According to some therapists this condition is caused by an imbalance between the conscious and the subconscious mind. You can reduce pain by focusing your energy on your subconscious mind. This method allows for greater relaxation, allowing muscles to feel less stress and tension.

Relaxing your mind when you perform Watsu therapy is key to success. The therapist needs to achieve the proper balance between relaxing so that your body can ease tension and assisting you to concentrate so that you can conquer any pain. It can be easy to fall asleep, but not enough to ensure an adequate night’s rest when you allow your body to relax too often. When your mind is focused, you will notice that you feel less pain. In order to get the maximum effect, the therapist must facilitate relaxation using a variety of techniques including: slow breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation and physical movements like rolling.

Stress and anxiety are typically linked to a variety of conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain. Some people experience no pain but suffer from extreme anxiety. Stress and anxiety can be caused by a variety of causes, such as at work, home and school, finances, or even family. Although it’s not known what causes certain people to have less anxiety than others, watsu may likely ease anxiety and fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

Many people wonder whether they should seek professional assistance for this kind of therapy, given that most clinics and spas have instructors who offer watsu on a one-on-one basis. The majority of clinics have instructors who can provide individualized treatment plans. If you suffer from fibromyalgia or other conditions that exhibit similar symptoms, you may consider undergoing a few sessions of this kind of hydrotherapy in order to determine if it will aid you. In addition to the peaceful experience that watsu can provide it also means that the warm, soothing water can help reduce your symptoms. You could soon experience relief from chronic pain. A qualified therapist will help you learn more about the condition.

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