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Fidic Contracts Law And Practice Pdf Download

we have seen that construction contracts are frequently the subject of disputes. the most common disputes fall within three broad categories: disputes concerning the parties’ understanding of the contract, disputes about the contract’s content and disputes about its implementation. each of these may result in one party or both parties resorting to court.19 it is important to consider the particular circumstances in which disputes may arise when choosing a construction contract form. the following sections examine these, starting with the parties’ understanding of the contract.

on the initiation of arbitration proceedings, the arbitrator shall determine the procedure to be followed. these rules of procedure are designed to give maximum flexibility to the arbitrator. the rules may be supplemented by any further rules agreed by the parties. where the arbitration is conducted by a single arbitrator or by a panel of arbitrators, the rules of procedure may be determined in accordance with fidic’s arbitration rules.

participating banks that have a licence to use the mdb harmonised contract general conditions aim to make the general conditions available in their standard bidding documents.

some participating banks ask users to obtain their own copies of the general conditions from fidic. fidic therefore makes available by download an electronic version in pdf of the fully formatted general conditions. fidic only guarantees the accuracy of these general conditions to those who download the pdf file from

as a service to users, fidic also publishes a complete conditions of contract comprising the general conditions and suggested sample forms that can be used in particular conditions. fidic makes the complete, fully formatted contact available in both printed and electronic (pdf) versions from the fidic bookshop. currently on the latest (june 2010) version is available as a printed document. the electronic version of the complete contract has fully authenticated general conditions that are encrypted by fidic.

for the latest version of the general conditions (june 2010), both printed and electronic versions of the complete, fully formated conditions of contract is available from the fidic bookshop. for earlier (may 2005 and march 2006) only electronic version are available.


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