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it also has some unique features such as its capability to import some geo-satellite photographs of job sites and the freehand tool, which can be used to draw shapes without the usual restriction. there are also several fill patterns available ranging from grass, wood, to patio. moreover, arborgolds free landscape design software can use images from your gallery or you can take photographs with your device.

many mobile apps are available to help you create a beautiful garden. garden planner is one of them. it is available for the android mobile platform. this app can be used on a tablet. it has a simple and intuitive ui. you can add virtual plants and trees from the library. you can arrange these objects to create your own landscape. you can give your landscape design a personal touch by customizing the objects. it has a rich library with more than 2,000 objects to choose from. its easy to use. it allows you to drag-and-drop objects from one place to another. the app allows you to rotate and zoom objects. it also has a map feature which lets you place objects over a satellite image. you can assign objects to groups to save time. you can also tag your items.

pro landscape 19 is a landscape design program. it comes with a large library of landscape objects. you can drag and drop these objects to build your landscape. you can customize the design by choosing from the different styles available. pro landscape 19 has an intuitive user interface. you can use the object palette to arrange objects. you can also add different objects to one selection. you can also scale objects to different sizes. it has an automatic placement feature. you can drag objects from a group to a position on the ground. you can also drag-and-drop objects into other objects. you can also drag-and-drop objects from one object to another. you can customize your designs by adding buildings. you can also add plants, trees, grass, and other landscape objects to your landscape. pro landscape 19 also allows you to add objects to the same group.


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