HSW: So, How Does SpaceShipOne Work?

[There are] all kinds of areas that we’ve by no means delved into earlier than. Supersonic flight — we have by no means finished a supersonic airplane before. As a matter of fact, I do not assume any small company’s ever done a supersonic airplane before. So, I think we’re the primary to bite off all of the transonic aerodynamics with such a small group of individuals.

About This QuizCan you inform your Cadillacs from your Studebakers? Know the official name of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, or which automotive makers had been the first to introduce air conditioning, energy steering or seat belts as commonplace features? Take our quiz to see how much you find out about these classic cars from the fabulous ’50s!

You must use one coloration of coolant in your automotive and only one. You probably have inexperienced in there, do not add a blue one. Mixing coolant colours can cause them to show into a gel-like substance … which after all won’t movement properly and can result in all types of injury!

A typical combustion engine has each intake valves and exhaust valves. Whereas the exhaust valve lets air out of the engine in the Vertical Form Fill Seal Belts of exhaust, the intake valves do the other by pulling air in. These need to open and close in a precisely timed sequence to maximise efficiency.

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