South Canterbury’s Flour Mills

Timaru Herald, 6 December 1886, Page 2The elimination of the Milford mill, previously labored by the late Mr J. H. Dickenson, to its new site on the Winchester highway, has been commenced and will probably be pushed on vigourously. A amount of recent and improved milling equipment has been imported for the mill, which can have a a lot better capacity than the previous one.

The 1956 Ford retained primarily the same good handling and trip traits of the 1955 models, but with considerably more snap. With a 292 engine and Fordomatic, Motor Development was ready to cut the 0-60 time to 12.2 seconds, a very good 2.Three seconds quicker than in 1955. However this nonetheless wasn’t enough to keep up with Chevy, which outran Ford at Daytona and in early 1956 NASCAR racing, however not nearly by its 1955 margins. Ford’s revenge was the 312 Flexonic Conveyxonic Poly V Belts-8, which completely outclassed Chevy later within the 12 months.

The preferred method for transferring coal from the source to surface operations was a rail car. A belt conveyor was a serious improvement as a result of they have been more inexpensive and simpler to maintain than rail vehicles. When a mine reached the tip of its life, a conveyor could possibly be packed up and brought to the next site, not like everlasting rail cars. While he’s credited with inventing the underground conveyor belt, Sutcliffe known as his manufacturing company “Universal Works” because the techniques were appropriate for both above- and under-floor functions.

They might sound comparable – and even bear a resemblance to each other – however the camshaft and the crankshaft have different functions, and your car has both of them. Camshafts are responsible for opening and closing the valves at the top of your cylinder that allow the gas/air mix in and the exhaust gas out, whereas the crankshaft is part of the powertrain that in the end turns the wheels.

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