Five Incredible National Sons Day Origin Transformations

Pedicabs, or tricycles attached to a two-seat mini-carriage, also line the city’s downtown streets, as do charming horse-drawn carriages; both are practical and even romantic options to get around downtown on the weekends. Austin takes all kinds; it’s the people here that make the city — although the city’s pretty hip all on its own. Take a walk on any of the city’s downtown streets, and you’ll likely be out of breath from climbing hills. Instead, elevation ranges from 425 feet at lakeside to 1,000 feet in the northwest city hills and to 2,000 feet in The Hill Country. Area lakes provide scenic and liquid refreshment for the city, and breathtaking limestone cliffs like Mount Bonnell are great spots to take in the scenic and rolling Hill Country terrain. Altogether, the greater Austin area encompasses 258.43 square miles. However, most tourists wouldn’t be over here anyway, since most of the east side’s popular bars and restaurants aren’t near this area. Lin-Manuel Miranda raps (yes, raps) in the opening number, “and there’s a million things I haven’t done. But just you wait.” Luckily, you won’t have to wait long to find out what he did as we have everything you need to know about the life and legacy of the “ten-dollar founding father” right here

Ralph H. Baer invented the video game console in 1966 from his television engineering training and U.S. Annapolis actually served as the capital of the United States for a short time, from 1783 to 1784. Secretary of the U.S. Perhaps you’re an accountant who crunches numbers and works in spreadsheets. The risk goes up greatly with more severe head injuries, indicating that head trauma is a contributing factor for some people who develop Parkinson’s. He goes on to try to understand experimental results on gases, about things like diffusion, viscosity and conductivity. A Grade One concussion results in temporary disorientation without unconsciousness, and symptoms disappear within 15 minutes. A concussion can knock a person unconscious and cause memory loss, confusion, headaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears. Another concussion could be fatal, which is sometimes the case with second impact syndrome, when the brain and its arteries swell dangerously. When a person experiences a blow to the head or the head shifts too suddenly, the brain moves through the cerebral fluid and can hit the interior of the skull. To learn more about related subjects, such as the brain and how it is studied, read the links on the next page

In later stages, CTE patients develop the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A Grade Two concussion is like a Grade One except that symptoms last 15 minutes or longer. A concussion is literally a bruise to the brain. The brain of a patient with CTE shows tangles and threads, such as those found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Waters’ brain resembled that of an octogenarian with Alzheimer’s disease. In February 2007, former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson announced that his health problems, which include symptoms similar to those of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, could be traced to concussions sustained in rapid succession as a player. In June 2007, Chris Benoit, a 40-year-old professional wrestler, killed his son, his wife and then himself. He was killed in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard. The 1957 film tells of Antonius Block (played by Max von Sydow), a knight who returns from the Crusades to find that the plague has killed many of his countrymen. After moving his family to St. Croix, James abandoned his two sons and Rachel, who died in 1768. Left to fend for himself, Alexander began working for Beekman and Cruger mercantile

The Hill Country Wine & Food Festival, held each April, is the nation’s second largest such event (Aspen is the largest), and showcases food and wine with a Texas flair. General orientation: The city is the largest in the Central Texas area, which includes Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties, and is the fourth-largest city in Texas. Population: About 1.4 million people live in the greater metropolitan area, with around 690,000 in Austin itself. Why come to Austin? The University of Texas at Austin is another reason people come to town. Geography and landscape: Austin is located in south central Texas, where the Colorado River crosses the Balcones Escarpment, separating the Texas Hill Country from the blackland prairies to the east, creating gorgeous limestone cliff formations throughout the city that define Austin’s landscape. Given the scenery, it’s no wonder that Austin and surrounding terrain have been nicknamed “The Hill Country.” The Colorado River flows through the heart of the city, creating a series of sparkling lakes that stretch for more than 100 miles, and a beautiful centerpiece that is a magnet for Austinites and visitors alike for its cool, calming beauty. For lots more odd tales of wonder and amusement park thrills, check out the related HowStuffWorks links on the next page

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